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FaZe will win IEM Beijing
Is FaZe back?
NiKo is back to top 3 form and Cold/Olof are close to their best
Brazilian faze fans
0/8 brazilians are Welcome
Architects As I Lay Dying Breakdown of Sanity
NaVi Win EPL S10!
guardian will be motivated after seeing old team win so maybe...
Broky rich -____-
faze take 0 prize money from players the first fortnite contracts were the only ones that were like this and every other faze has said they don’t get prize money taken from them
FaZe will be top 1 in 2020
that’s why they went with broky instead of a low fragger igl, to match Liquid and Astralis
FaZe literally r*tarded?
Niko cold olof will carry next events then broky will soon when he’s more experienced with the teams. niko igl wont fix problems soon like a real igl but if he performs well and can allow his team to ...
FaZe are so depressing to watch.
Niko Cold and Olof are coming back in last matches its only a matter of time until they are back to old form and broky will be up there also after more experience in the team :D
they could’ve been a good team again quickly with an igl over broky but decided to gamble instead so it’s going to take more time. I think they’ll be back to their old form eventually Broky just needs...
FAZE Supporters come here
Niko is coming back Cold is best on the team and Olof sick again. They will do the best in next events and make faze look better than they have been online. broky and rain make a lot of questionable b... vs FaZe
FaZe vs Heroic
FaZe fans come here
overreacting wait until BLAST and IEM Beijing to have proper judgement vs FaZe