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equating accidents, literal A C C I D E N T S with goat fucking, child touching murderers of the innocent... :thinking:
Have you tried cooking it?
I'll make a NT for you based on your Flag
nt two-wasnt-enough
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nt roach
world war is needed!
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"how usa was far worse than hitler" I can't imagine actually being this stupid
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"Poland has a better relation with Russia than USA" coming from a fucking nato member OMEGALUL
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Okay sure, the USA should just sit back and let communism, extremism, and jihadism creep and expand throughout the world, denying billions of people the opportunity for liberty and a positive liveliho...
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stopped reading at "usa is guilty all soviet post 1941 war crimes" We hear a lot about the Russian propaganda and information efforts in eastern Europe on the news, especially given the ongoing Muell...
USA FIX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is why we need a wall
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Hello Borat
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Yea but you gotta look at it all in context. The predecessor to ISIS, Al Queada, was funded by the USA in the 80s. To fight the Soviets. And it worked. Had we not supported them, perhaps the Soviets...
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We bomb the same various goatfuckers that would happily behead you and rape your wife and children. You're welcome. Sure, mistakes are made, thus is the cost of war. Remember how the Russians bent ov...
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calling us the terrorists LUL You know how you're not part of Russia anymore? You're welcome.