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Advice for 2nd year in high school?
Of course, and glad to hear that. From my personal experience, unless you're an extremely smart introvert, most people have a much easier time achieving success by being social with most people. I'm a...
Advice for 2nd year in high school?
Whatever you want man, but I'm speaking from experience. Success in life is 90% about connections, even beginning in high school. You never know who can help you in any capacity along your journey. I'...
Advice for 2nd year in high school?
Be friendly with as many people as you can. Don't assume your relationship with someone won't be to your benefit someday.
IEM Chicago = shit
teams to DISBAND
They've all won tournaments in the past two years
I'm anxious
No problem. Glad I could help :)
I'm anxious
Just remember that even though they are paying attention to you, they still are normal people who have their own lives and probably have other things on their minds as well. At the end of the day it i...
How to peak?? This one too
How to peak?? This is a very good video by Canadian steel
stop fixing the french scene
He's not even better than anyone on liquid
To adopt a Rabbit
Very fun pets! If you give them care, attention, and space, you will see that it will make them very happy :) Just remember to always give them a lot of water and hay to eat. Not too many vegetables, ...
good so far. how is yours?
What's up
good men :D
you're awesome bro