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DH Dallas shit format
All bo3's are boring . For mat is quite good and you can't say that they only lost because of bo1's.
NiP will definitely lose this game.
mousesports vs NiP
Imagine thinking that mouz is the favorite here
mousesports vs NiP
Its ok dude , I guess you went for underdog bet and it backfired??
GoT episode 5
Can you tell me what part of this season 8 is great ? It was straight up ruined. There was no plot at all, nothing important happened in first two episodes. So many character lines were left dangli...
do you fear death?
may be you should fear your non existence ?
f0rest = NiKo
he did choke in inferno at esl katowice 2015 major final
MIBR vs Cloud9
its so funny that how everything that used to work for them(MiBR) once is not at all working now , those insane clutches , force buys which would break their enemies economy or force buys which woul...
NRG vs NiP
no dude its fucking insane that you see comments like "Ez NRG , Nip gonna get destroyed , NRZ 16-6 NiP , NiP 0-3 in legends stage" , then somehow they win the game and people still bash on them . Ye...
NRG vs NiP
ofcourse luck factor lmao , as if winning pistols does not require skill . I'm sure your stupid mm team would both pistol rounds against NRG
NRG vs NiP
lost both of their anti eco's after winning pistols , lost two easy clutch rounds because they enemies diffused through smoke , lost easy rounds against pistols many times.
NRG vs NiP
what makes winning pistols an advantageous situation is that you can get extra easy 2 rounds, but NiP lost both of their anti ecoes which actually has put NRG in better position . I'm not really sur...
legends major
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