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Serious HLTV talk
This is a forum on a website that creates CS:GO news, so of course the forums will have CS:GO as the focus sometimes, but unlike r/GlobalOffensive, that isn't necessarily all we can talk about, or the...
twitch chat and law?
not in USA
have my*
twitch channels you are banned from
Is there somewhere I can check to see where I am banned from? I don't think I'm banned anywhere...
STEAM PROFILE PIC! gonna change it soon, I don't my RX-8 anymore...
is john denver the next big hltv meme?
different kinds of immigrants
only because your countries let them get away with it
Dumb Brazilian fans
sugonese reports
Sweden tax
imagine using that money to build homes for migrants, just for them to still not have enough money so they kick you out of your home so migrants can live there
biggest scam of the century (last 100 years)
I know, that's the joke
biggest scam of the century (last 100 years)
it doesn't need to be set-in-stone this way, but I think it is a better way to go about things in general by a utilitarian point of view
biggest scam of the century (last 100 years) sponsored by North, code HLTV50 bet now!
Sweden tax
alright, no I was right, but it isn't all 'technically' taxes he took a 'lump sum,' so he gets all the money up front but they take around 35% of it (but it is a state lottery so I guess it could tech...
Sweden tax
my friend's dad won $1M from a lottery scratcher, paid $600k-$650k in taxes