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Remove 1 country and why?
Well it says remove a country, not bomb it. So if we remove Africa we solve a lot of the world hunger and ebola problems. So that's a nice choice. You racist.
Fnatic era or astralis era?
Astralis might be the better team but Fnatic was way more fun to spectate.
What draken said
CS 1 year ago =/= Today. Okay you're not only dense. You're trolling.
Boosted lvl 10 come here
Maybe not getting mad doesn't help, but getting mad doesn't help either.
What draken said
It does since there's different skill levels in different regions, are you that dense?
Boosted lvl 10 come here
>I don't play any worse when I get mad so that's irrelevant. But other play worse when you get mad at them so you're only making your chances to win less likely. Or they will just mute you if you don...
What draken said
If you can't understand the comparison I can't help you.
What draken said
Maybe they deserve it. But I still don't think the teams that comes from Asia and CiS are near the same level as EU or even NA these days.
What draken said
You have a point
What draken said
Winstrike wouldn't qualify through EU. Only cis qualifier which is shit compared to EU minor.
What draken said
He's right though. Winstrike is shit and wouldn't stand a chance in EU minor.
FACEIT WTF?????????????
It's just a few bucks if you want to see the cancer chat.
TOP 25: The Best CS:GO Players (2018)
Krimz 24? K
Brazilians 16-0 collection
All on dust 2 lol
Ah. I'm not a draken or fnatic fan. I'm just here to annoy the Russians to be honest.