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Excuse the childish nickname, i share this account with my son - Oliver.

My son has a learning disability that makes the internet very hard for him to understand. I would appreciate if you could excuse his lacking social capabilities and be nice to him, for humanities sake.

I'm generally online past 8 o'clock,
Oliver is online during the day - but not 8:00 - 3:30 (school time!).

Me and my son are increasingly interested in the world of e-Sports! I'm a G2Esports fan and my son is a Cloud9 and Fnatic Fanatic! (Excuse the dad joke!).

Likewise to HLTV, we share a steam account and frequently enjoy Cs:Go games! Feel free to add our shared steam account and if you are interested and feeling blessed by all means send a trade offer with any donation!.


Hope you are having a great day/night and if you have any questions or regards - feel free to comment them below in our Comments Box!.
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