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It's difficult using this site when my IQ is so far above the general norm. I'd like to consider my work here as being donations to charity - as most of you normies are essentially charity cases in reference to my extreme and noticeably dominant brainpower.

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top hltv autism
Please learn what Autism is before making a ridiculous thread claiming to have inside knowledge on the learning abilities of other users on this site. It should be blatantly obvious that the likes of ...
Virtus.pro vs AGO
Virtus.pro will lose 2:1 VP 16:7 AGO 16:9 AGO 16:13 Call me the prophet when this is right.
Luminosity vs GX
He isn't at all.
Luminosity vs GX
Witmer is actually trash.
Atheist Question
If it was true then yes, wouldn't we have to "believe" in it if it was true for us to gain from its existence? However, it is not and if it is, by slim chance, we will never know.
Natalie Dormer gif
Don't click this guys, it's a keylogger.
Villamix new org
It will either be EchoFox or TSM of the current orgs that have previously worked with CS, it could still however be a rich LoL or DOTA Org that chooses to buy them in order to expand. I'll go out on ...
The best trio of csgo
Search it up on Google and you'll find it. I'm not wasting my time searching for it when I'm not the one who needs it.
The best trio of csgo
Being a "newfag" doesn't mean you are new to Counter Strike, it means you are new to HLTV. Even i've seen that thread and I avoid bait threads at all costs.
Thought on this monitor????
How do you possibly fuck up so badly that you post the same thread 3 times over?
HLTV meet irl
I already informed you, we're not friends, certainly not "best" friends either. Leave me alone please.
Reddit vs HLTV
I likewise think HLTV is better as I've said a few other times in the post above all for which, different reasons. I'm also sure that you know why I feel the need to demonstrate my "intellectual dom...
Reddit vs HLTV
It won't be because this isn't a stupid "bait" thread.
Reddit vs HLTV
So it applies for you? Glad you could inform us.
Reddit vs HLTV
"i'm" - This is correct as it is not at the start of a sentence and doesn't need capitalization. The capital letter can be used but it is not incorrect without it. "Don't dare refer to "us" as a duo...