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It's difficult using this site when my IQ is so far above the general norm. I'd like to consider my work here as being donations to charity - as most of you normies are essentially charity cases in reference to my extreme and noticeably dominant brainpower.

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C9 T.I.D
100T RETARDS!??!
Ignore him, he's just desperate for attention and asking to be banned.
C9 tattoo question
It's meaning is determined by the area of it's use. For example - Not all countries have police uniforms in blue so therefore its restricted to that meaning in said areas (America being one for instan...
C9 tattoo question
This is a really poor quality bait. If you actually were considering it, a tattoo of that size would cover a significantly large area of your back and regardless of the colour would look very bad. ...
FAZE will win major!
We don't know for sure if SK truly is better off without Felps though. He left on his own terms not because he wasn't good enough and to be quite frank, their results were far better with Felps on the...
3 dangerous ideas nowadays
Of course this doesn't happen in Norway since it's an irrelevant fishing country. I'm talking about non-EU countries that people actually care about like America.
3 dangerous ideas nowadays
Because discrimination is ok? Look at the crime rates in Europe compared to America, a non-European and Racist country. How many shootings are there in Europe compared to America? Not many. For every ...
Fake flagged come here !
Yes, i'm from Europe but i'll allow you to guess from where inside.
top 10 players in your country
faze garden faze niko faze olofmister faz erain faze karrigan
Fnatic ERA vs SK/LG ERA
SK era was easily the most dominate era, follow by Fnatic and last NiP. Those are the only 3 era's however. Edit: The competition between SK and other teams during their period was incredibly high ma...
Plans for Christmas/New Years?
Merry Christmas Jonty, enjoy yourself - you deserve it!
My TOP 20
Where is TACO?