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Zowie EC1-A or Razer Deathadder ELITE ???
ec2-a is smaller but I don't think it's thinner Honestly tho you may as well just try the zowie. Worst case scenario you don't like it and you can get a refund If you don't like it, maybe try out t...
Zowie EC1-A or Razer Deathadder ELITE ???
G400s has smaller but better side buttons, significantly lighter M1/M2 (basically g400s is on the extreme side of light clicks whereas zowie are on the extreme side of stiff clicks), and the shape is ...
Zowie EC1-A or Razer Deathadder ELITE ???
The only thing I disliked about the g403 is the clicks on M1/M2, which were way too light for me personally. Otherwise though it's exceptional, and everyone will have different preferences for the cli...
Zowie EC1-A or Razer Deathadder ELITE ???
Yes, DA Elite is solid. One major difference though is that the clicks are very sensitive whereas the clicks on zowie are very firm, so that just depends on you Overall it's far superior to zowie
6am... SK v Astralis
act very suck sat ez pz
xd 0/8
Touched A Girl
xdddddddddd nice autism
xdddddd Im guessing youre a zowie fanboy?
Logitech Mice
Youd have to really stretch your perception of what a shafe shape is to say that the g403 is safe, and the gpro/g102/g203 are extremely far from safe
Logitech Mice
lol, logitech shapes are anything but safe
Logitech Mice
The most important part of choosing a mice is just your personal preference for shape/weight/clicks etc. Saying that you don't want to use a mouse because you think someone else might not like it is c...
nofap question
Absolutely no benefit from it. If anything its bad for you Fapping in moderation = good No fapping whatsoever = bad