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Premier Rejects vs Blight
Blight Gaming still exists? Lol.
pros with cl_righthand 0?
It's weird because in 1.6 and Source practically all the pro's played left hand but in GO I noticed it's a lot more rare to see.
Fnx is pissed!!
Something interesting to point out, unless I'm blind, he's friends with Cold, Taco and Fer but not friends anymore with Fallen.
Fast & Furious 8 TRAILER (2017)
So you're 12?
Fast & Furious 8 TRAILER (2017)
Did you really just try to say F&F7 wasn't terrible because it made money? Thank god you're not in the movie business.
CSS Frag Video Nostalgia
Fast & Furious 8 TRAILER (2017)
Looks fucking terrible... They will never top the 5th one.
I've been following the CSGO compet scene for the last year...it's just so fucking boring overall. CSS competitive scene from like 05 - 2010 was so exciting. It just doesn't feel the same with GO f...
Was getting around 180 - 200 on D2 now I get about 50 - 75 and 30 during smoke...
Starboy - The Weeknd Majid Jordan - Majid Jordan Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight - Travis Scott
music nowadays
Don't worry OP, The Weeknd just released AOTY
Best Gaming Mouse
What about that sounds faulty? You literally can't choose 400 DPI on the Rival. It's 100% lighter than the G303. It's shaped differently and the G303 is more comfortable for me. Nothing about th...
Best Gaming Mouse
I know nothing about the ec2-a but Zowie is hugely praised by everybody so probably keep it. G303 isn't that old. I played with the DeathAdder for years and years and I'd say overall if I was still...
Best Gaming Mouse
I felt like I was so shitty at CS compared to before, whether Source or CSGO and I never understood why...it's like I just completely couldn't aim anymore... Picked up the Logitech G303 and my aim ...
Best Gaming Mouse
I've only used the MX518, DeathAdder, SteelSeries Rival 100 and Logitech G303 (Current). Will have to say I think the G303 is the best one I've had. I feel like I am way more consistent with it and...