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"VALORANT will rekt CS"
n August 4, 2021, EA revealed that Apex Legends averages 13 million weekly active players. Season 9 also set a new record for daily peak players across all seasons.
"VALORANT will rekt CS"
In 2021, there are between 3 and 4 million people playing Fortnite concurrently every day across all platforms. This makes Fortnite the most popular battle royale of 2021
"VALORANT will rekt CS"
Valorant will indeed last longer than anything else and thats because it copied CSGO to the extreme
"VALORANT will rekt CS"
And what saves Fortnite ?
does soul exist?
Obviously a fiction
Dreams and nightmares
AK and mac10 Mp7 looks dope as well with M4 being extremely great for zombie fans like myself
Cph flukes
shameful whatever the case.
Cph flukes
At least GL are not rank 220. Flames lost 2 maps straight to 200+ rank team without even being close. Shame
Copenhagen Flames vs TTC
I became a flames fan for a while after i saw some amazing plays and tacts in minor and major. But these performances by flames after major are at least disgusting so no more a fan. I dont know if pos...
Bro if you cant understand what makes the original valuable and why many NFT owners are millionaires even if you can "copy" their NFTs then so be it, you dont have to go aggressive, it is what it is. ...
-stew +jks
chill out
If you cant understand that the real deal has nothing to do with a copy go check your IQ or if you dont get it go tell to Cryptopunks owners who cares their NFT cost 500K to 10M each when you can cop...
EDIT : I understand though your point and i agree. Im talking about what matters most to NFTs though , value that is
I can replicate mona lisa easily ! Take a photo of the real deal or download a high quality photo of the real deal even, print it on original measurements and put on on a canvas and i have the real mo...
true but those who are rich were a bunch of braindead sheep too but are millionaires. There are many different kind of NFTs. If you are sheep and dont know what you doing then yes, most likely youll n...