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ENCE vs OpTic
Heart tells me Optic but the odds tells me ENCE
nice team mibr
NiP vs ENCE/OpTic loser
Ez for Optic/ENCE
[18+] 10/10 girl came to my house
a bad one apparently
Putin going to USA
You are a sad individual. You are clearly the one who are brainwashed.
Putin going to USA
Syria, Ukraine, Krim lately, North Korea nuff said. Im out, you will never convince me that corrupted Russia is better than our LGBT LEFTIST Nordic rich country's. Bye.
Do you like your job?
I like my job but i hate to work. But i really think i just want to be my own boss.
Putin going to USA
My country build relationships aswell but our leaders don't have to have a public war against the other part to get media attention. We all know that Putin, Kim Jung, Trump have threatened different c...
Putin going to USA
Yeah we are just puppets who believe everything the media says. We know nothing you know everything. Hail Putin, hail Trump, hail war and f*** the people.
Putin going to USA
Your words actually sounds more like propaganda. I see guys like you everywhere man. Maybe you are from a russian bot farm?
Putin going to USA
They are doing a march to get sympati or to show people in countrys where they get killed that they can stand up for themselves i guess.. I dont know nor do i care. Why would i? I don't see them in my...
Putin going to USA
Yes of course. But to think that everybody supports lgbt parades and shit just because it is legal in our country is just wrong. I don't like homo's especially, i just don't mind that they are there....
Putin going to USA
Cuz you are telling me that i am not free from them. But i have never seen anything with that in Denmark. You must know something i don't. Maybe you should just stop coming in gay communities and you ...
Putin going to USA
Lol ofc i am. I can't remember being influenced or seing anything from LGBT. Please enlighten me and tell me how it has influenced my life and my relationsship with my gf for the last 8 years?
Putin going to USA
Yes it is.. I don't like homo's especially but why shouldn't they be able to do what the fuck they want? Why the hell would i care? I have a gf and can do what i want and so can they as long they leav...