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I don't understand why so many put American History X in there. It's way too long and the 2 hours could easily have been cut down 30 minutes.
Pushing out books from behind a shelf. If he can interact through another dimensin then why not just do it properly. He obviously can affect physical things in the other dimension (pushing books). See...
Inception Forest Gump Pulp Fiction The Silence Of The Lambs Full Metal Jacket American Beauty No Country For Old Men Trainspotting Deer Hunter The Big Lebowski Interstellar is a good movie right up t...
jamppi case
So Jamppii has proof of something that did not happen? I wonder how that is going to work out for him...
jamppi case results
1. "nobody cares..." 2. Writes an entire essay about it. Pick one...
top 1 player rn
Device has been surounded by some of the best players in Astralis. I would love to see him in a less skilled team and see what he can do. S1mple always impressed even in shittier suroundings. What I ...
c0ntact vs HONORIS
I mean over whole career. F0rest is still a very good player and NEO is not even a shadow of his past. No doubdt who is the greatest talent.
c0ntact vs HONORIS
Who mentioned CS GO?
c0ntact vs HONORIS
Imagine people actually put NEO over F0rest as CS GOAT...
China deserves a punishment
What upsets me is that now when global companies are on the brink of elimination - thanks to epidemic - Chinese companies (and Chinese government) are bying up companies for sale prices. The Chinese m...
fnatic worst #1??
You need to attend school ASAP...
Worst players in a top 10 team.
Are we talking the current top 10 list? If so I say Flamie.
More likely: -Twist -Nawwk +Hampus +Hallzerk Hampus igl. Lekr0 way better rifler than Nawwk.
GOAT of each sport
Football - Ronaldo Tennis - Roger Federer F1 - Michael Schumacher Boxing - Floyd Mayweather Jr Basketball - Michael Jordan Ice hockey - Mario Lemieux (most complete player) Counter-Strike - Oleksandr ...