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MAD Lions vs MIBR
taco stealing paychecks since 2016
G2 vs fnatic
Round over - Winner: CT (10 - 12) - Target saved AmaNEk killed Golden with sg556 flusha killed huNter- with deagle (headshot) Golden killed kennyS with usp_silencer (headshot) Golden killed nexa with ...
Vitality vs mousesports
Bot Alex LUL
Vitality vs mousesports
Grayhound vs INTZ
Round over - Winner: T (13 - 7) - Enemy eliminated Sico killed yel with deagle dexter killed kNgV- with deagle (headshot) Sico killed xand with deagle (headshot) dexter planted the bomb (2on3) dext...
North vs INTZ
CR4ZY vs fnatic
Round over - Winner: CT (3 - 6) - Enemy eliminated huNter killed twist with ak47 huNter killed KRIMZ with fiveseven nexa killed JW with usp_silencer (headshot) nexa killed Xizt with usp_silencer (...
Envy vs MIBR
fugly LULLLL
Envy vs MIBR
Round over - Winner: CT (1 - 1) - Enemy eliminated s0m + Sonic (assist) killed LUCAS1 with ak47 ANDROID + FugLy (assist) killed fer with ssg08 fer killed Eley with ak47 (headshot) fer killed FugLy...
Envy vs MIBR
taco and lucas are the worst pros in top30
INTZ vs Luminosity
Round over - Winner: CT (8 - 12) - Bomb defused HEN1 defused the bomb HEN1 killed chelo with galilar HEN1 killed yeL with usp_silencer chelo killed NEKIZ with ak47 (headshot) yeL killed felps with...
Liquid vs Cloud9
autimatic was never the igl
Vitality vs Liquid
Round over - Winner: T (7 - 5) - Enemy eliminated Twistzz killed RpK with deagle (headshot) Twistzz planted the bomb (1on1) Twistzz killed ALEX with ak47 (headshot) Twistzz + nitr0(flash assist) kil...
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
Spicy match