ayy niBBas
Censor your curse words when commenting on my page my mom checks my phone
Forum posts
They take shit waay too seriously You see these posts where its like: just collected every csgo team jersey! wtf dude why? Funniest shit is reading their "training routine" which consists of 300 kills...
Lord Vordt of the Boreal Valley
Deadpool 2
you're a niBBa your opinion doesnt count
Atheists, Please come here.
Religion will be gone in 50 years,
Favorite Rap line
We in the hallway waitin' patient As soon as she hit the door we start blastin' I saw her brains hit the floor Ron laughin' I swear to God I hit Maxi Priest at least 12 times in the chest Spint around...
is there a systemic racism against blacks in esports ?
Spawn laski bardolph
Rifling HELP
So you are on of those niBBas that are dogshit every rifle round getting run over, but win eco rounds with running pistols and randy plays. try the p90
coolest streamers on twitch
forest, shroud, s1mple Too many csgo streamers use goofy ass settings that just turn me off completely
nah dude its better than the ec2a imo. Better sensor and smaller feat reduce resistance which makes moving the mouse more consistant.
ive used all zowie mice, always return to the ec2a I bought the ec2b last month legit is just a better microsoft intelli3.0
I will never understand Valve
I can sorta understand how valve focuses more on dota since they are competing against league. However with PUBG around csgo's playerbase is a threat, so they should show csgo more attention especiall...
ScreaM leaves
1/8 no capital M plus bait isn't smart
music thread
check out my vanilla niBBas soundcloud shit isnt fire but hella funny
People who listen to MUSIC COME HERE
90s hip hop- big, pac, bad, mobbdp Eminem Country - Johnny Cash, Willie nelson, Waylon Jennings, Glen Campbell Bands- green day, falloutboy, red-hotchill, kiss
Can I be professinal csgo player?
Go the pug route or the league route. Pug all the way to fpl or take a team through the leagues