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I worship Christ
Jesus did exist. It's not about worshipping him it's about upholding his values and his teachings. Nothing wrong with that
Airpod users come here
Thank you Bestswede420, very cool!
Still sad that 2Pac is dead
n***a I found him
Here, typical leftists.
Even better,
Here, typical leftists.
Obama divided the country with race so much more than Trump. Trump has done nothing but unify. Hes pushed hard for equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome like Obama.
Here, typical leftists.
Dont worry, they are tearing themselves apart, this is why Trump won. You want to carry on like a screaming child? Thats how you get Trump. Keep voting Trump and keep making them mad, they are only sh...
Reasons why im a Leftist
Go back and read what I wrote because either you refuse to debate my points or you are too stupid to understand. That's the problem debating with low IQ leftists
Reasons why im a Leftist
It's a piece of the puzzle that's for sure I've already explained this before, the government doesn't discriminate who they give loans to. If you are poor and want to study, the government will give y...
Reasons why im a Leftist
BRAZIL haha. You're country is an absolute shithole because leftists were in power for so long. And you're telling ME that free education is GOOD? Fuck off
Reasons why im a Leftist
Using our taxes is still me paying for your education. You think everyone is going to write you a check of 50 cents till it adds up to your fee? We pay through tax money, where it is allocated is what...
Reasons why im a Leftist
I always wanted to know what are the reasons people are left or right wings with a consistent point of view , not that cliche argument where you choose your political view blaming on the other side. ...
im so fkn done with sweden
I hear Mogadishu is a rich location with enriched culture!
I rate your name
Callum Murray