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Dignitas vs HAVU
Dignitas about to get blasted
The Truth why ESL doesnt return to lans
Yeah we're facing a lot of shit aswell. They delivered around 300k to drugstore but doctors didn't receive enough vaccines for their offices so they're slowed down by this distribution. Also only aro...
The Truth why ESL doesnt return to lans
Slow on the vaccine? Did you see France? Only 3m vaccinated on thursday... and we started 2 months ago
They are top15 material at the moment, can wait for them to whoop allu's ass in a couple of days
People were shitting on xseveN when he was on ENCE but he had the worst role while he had the sickest aim of all of the ENCE players. No wonder why they chose him on the AK47 1v1 at that blast showdow...
Worst period of your favs?
When EnVy were insanely good and leadership issues started to surface and they backstabbed shox in the middle of a tournament. That game against cloud9 on cbble was awful & painful to watch. Then Smit...
Worst period of your favs?
Yeah I agree about Ex6tenZ he was playing with freaking bad assets and G2 expected them to be insane. I would have booted SmithZz & bodyy to pick JaCkz & hAdji at that time from envy academy team.
first step before NiKo kicks nexa, brings in a dedicated awper and takes the IGL role
G2 ffs
They could get NaTo or mertz both are great assets
Free Dreamteam
Ah I forgot he was on extremum. I don't know if it's a downgrade tbh.
Free Dreamteam
flusha, olofmeister, suNny, woxic, bntet olof support/clutchmeister suNny, woxic, bntet stars with bntet entrying flusha obv igl
ok boomer
Everything in your post makes me laugh so much, thanks! Even your nickname rofl
why is astralis still #1
EPL-13 group c is a joke
It's bad because the level of play will be low, all of these teams just changed their roster except for BIG.
EPL-13 group c is a joke
yep and it's weird asf