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G2 vs LDLC
I have that feeling that LDLC will win this one
ENCE vs Vega Squadron
kick karrigan pls
Knock, knock! Gla1ve here, want to have a talk ?
Even though I really think he's been shit since they got the 3 nV players. He was really good when he initially joined G2.
G2 +DEVODUVEK He's really bad lately.
-smithzz -bodyy +devoduvek +AmaNEK
Hurricane Michael
This actually made me laugh
I legitly thought mouz would get him when rumors said that they wanted to replace STYKO... It would have been great to see that team.
Smooya 200 IQ?
What did he do exactly ?
Snax worst than Styko in Mousesports amazing
Yep Snax is a bot : Notice that except from that FaZe game, he only had only 3 1.0+ rating against good team, the rest are mediocre to average teams compared to mouz. Made f...
They got ahead of themselves, they were all happy together and the team was working well. They even had an interview saying that they were getting along so well altogether since STYKO joined. THEN WH...
- snax when?
And even more frustrating seeing this move is that they picked him up when they were achieving nooooooothing in VP! There was so many players who were free or looking to get bought out... They buy out...
- snax when?
Even if I do agree that STYKO wasn't that good, at least they were becoming better and consistent. With Snax they are so disappointing, they won ESL One New York but to me it feels like they got reall...
I hate them for removing STYKO when they were becoming stronger. Such a shit move at a worst moment.