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1 match per day lmao
It's fucked up in so many ways, all of the facts are crazy and scary. How fucked in the brain you have to be to rape a girl, torture her in so many horrible ways, have her body rotting and rape her ag...
Look how he is acting with neL : This guy is a fucking retard, he has to go from the CS Community. He is not better than most cancers who ...
happy_2_major_niko_0_major smartest user ???????????????????????????????
He is a cool guy yes. Smartest I don't know but most of his writings make sense.
Adding Stewie who is also very agressive didn't work, same has it was when they added felps. But somehow they did the same mistake twice.
best aggresive players
suNny, oskar, apEX, fer, k0nfig
BIG L - Real Hip-Hop
Thanks man that's awesome !
BIG L - Real Hip-Hop
Yeah finally someone with some taste in hiphop :D This is my personal favorite from Big L : But overall "The Big Picture" album is a gem. Also, I don't k...
VP roster should be
-TOAO +Furlan or +rallen
3DMAX vs Tempo Storm
RpK english is really bad, I'm sure that has to do with his plays. He may not be that confident playing in this team.
28 °C
Last weekend it was 37°C here, it's too damn hot. I wish we had 28 instead :D
Thorin haters b8ers
DUde, do you realize he has almost +- 1.0 rating while being the IGL ? He's not bad, he is average at worst. Which is good considering they are more and more competitive. He's shaping them bit by bit ...
BIG vs G2
I hope too, but BIG showed good discipline thoughout the tournament, you can't not cheer for them :D
BIG vs G2
tabseN's form > shox' form Won't be easy for G2