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Heretics vs NiP
They did not, he moved himself to substitute to pursue his studies.
Heretics vs NiP
Give me an english stream please!
Complexity vs The Quest
Sorry for what ? He left Heroic for this. If I was him I would have asked to join only if he could pick up his teammates.
Complexity vs The Quest
nice juggernaut
Well, guess what ? It's not him they caught as the DNA test shows... These french journalists are helpless.
Illuminar vs Heretics
Damn I missed it bro :(
Blizzard Bans HK Player Because Of Politcal Tweet
It is probably because Tencent own a percentage of Blizzard. Shit decision anyway.
I would love that. He was going off in 3DMAX with JaCkz. This lineup will have so much potential, I hope they break out someday.
Dear Frankie, (betting addiction)
If this ain't a bait, have you tried reaching her out on twitter ? Maybe you'll have more chances there.
Wow... I missed him so much. He is a lovely guy, perfect fit with Anders. HenryG & moses would be good. MACHINE with VINCE
Way too inconsistent to help the team improve. I also think he is really good, but I don't know what is his problem.
that's my meme bro :(
Gla1ve unhappy with the conditions at dreamhack
Well that's why they should have booth :)
Poor Golden
He's playing solo positions most of the time and still if he didnt get a kill bought time for his team to rotate. I'd challenge you to play solo position and have positive k/d against Astralis while b...
Poor Golden
I'm not mad, I watched the game and he was playing really good. Why would I be mad ? I'm not the retard here.