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Heroic vs Natus Vincere
This game is going to be a banger
"Report Cheating or Match Fixing Anonymously" And they ask your name and firstname, phone number ? wtf is this. No way i'm sending this to ban obvious scumbags
The oBo situation from inside Complexity
It's just after jks joined they had to use another standin for poizon... They had barely any time to practice with this five. Now they had a break from all these shits and can practice I'm sure they w...
Wingsup matchfixing?
Lol what are they doing? Obviously they are matchfixing, there is no way to explain this. Especially since it's happening on three different players.
cadiaN teaches Esports and physical education
Well if I knew this would kill my back earlier I would have accorded more importance to it. More exercices but a good chair to sit on, especially since now my job is basically sitting in front of a co...
cadiaN teaches Esports and physical education
Good guy cadiaN. Yes more countries need this.
Ancient replaces Train in active duty map pool in latest CS:GO update
As much as I love mirage or dust2, they need some love (reworking the map aesthetics) to be more inline with the other maps. Mirage feels old compared to the other maps that got a facelift.
Liquid part ways with moses
What's going on TL... Why ?
April 20th Blaze it, where's my twin(s) ?
Shakezullah has done so much for NA CS
I'm glad we can bring some positive vibes to these guys when they deserve it. I feel like the constant train of hate towards players must hurt them badly. I am sure he is proud to read such a topic. ...
Apple VS Epic Games Trial
Both are wrong and both are right at the same time. I can't side for one of those because Epic has been playing the good guys while also charging enormous fees back then for their engine and gave shit...
ProHouse Wuxi Villa Cup Season 2 set to start
You're talking about something that has no link with the article 🤷‍♂️
ProHouse Wuxi Villa Cup Season 2 set to start
Stop smoking weed man
Thorin on NBK conflict of intrest
I didn't see it from this angle but he is totally right.
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