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I don't know if he will fit, devoduvek is an insane entry fragger I think he would fit better as it's what they would need (a dedicated entry). But yeah ZywOo could do it I guess. I just think devo w...
Well bodyy has been crap for too long and didn't trust shox' project. Also I might be wrong but I think that coaches are counted as spot holders too.
kennyS shox smithzz ex6tenz devoduvek
That made me laugh harder than I should
I r8 girls
1 & 7 are perfect!
G2 vs EnVyUs
Yes, but he realized that. That's why he prefers to form a team with two big figures who will tame him and have always been there for him.
G2 vs EnVyUs
Only mixwell tried to play the team game, I saw him coming to flash and to help teammates or group up when he was being chased. The other guys... mehh Hoping that this new frenchteam that shox will c...
Envy vs G2 - casters
Sounds like it's Harry
kioSHiMa > bodyy
G2 vs EnVyUs
How can french CS be so bad these days... EnVyUS are playing like they are 5 individuals and G2 are not even trying, it's just apEX being on point. Awful CS... I'm sad for the French scene. Looks lik...
NiP vs EnVyUs
EnVyUs just look uninspired, what are they doing ? Is Happy still in charge and do they still follow his calls ? Because I can't believe he has fallen that far from his previous success, there must be...
New "French" lineup
Not as an entry fragger
New "French" lineup
shox Ex6tenZ SmithZz kennyS devoduvek Best french team for me.
shox Ex6TenZ SmithZz AMaNek Devoduvek
shox Ex6tenZ SmithZz kennyS devoduvek
Kenny “Two-Faced” Schrubledo
Dude, they all discussed together how is it two-faced ? When you want to solve a problem you often face solutions that aren't easy. Maybe he realized he was always in the same lineup together with ap...