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Perfecto played DM after few hours...
He said he felt sick for one week and did the test to know if it was covid. He is sick.
ape X
It's been like that in every teams he plays for a long time now. Only one game out of 10 he's connecting his brain and does carry.
rain to 100T
I had a dream last night where c9 revealed their roster and it was : ALEX rain jks jkaem mantuu Felt weird to dream about HLTV bro
CR4ZY vs cismix
THE_BEST lmao what is this nickname :D
disband faze or not?
I usually say that any team needs time after changing a player but this Kjaerbye move doesn't make any sense role-wise (rain is 10 times better at entrying and NiKo can do it too), he doesn't even bri...
I think as long as the players are not burnt out and still have that hunger to play, age doesn't really matter unless they're really old. Just like in any sports.
Yep, they fault for 1st kicking Karrigan when it was obviously not him the problem but their lack of motivation & training due to Olof absence, and 2nd because they had plenty of opportunities to pick...
I would be so mad not being able to pick an IGL after so long. What the fuck is the management doing ? They had so many opportunities to pick good IGLs up until they picked Kjaerbye (wtf is that move...
The bug was fixed the day after it was discovered so they couldn't cheat throughout Cologne
kennyS & JaCkz vs Ex3rcice & Djoko
JaCkz will crush everyone lol
From the only one time I played with pros, they have the game volume lower than the comms so that's why you see some of this stuff quite a lot in pro matches. It's strange to me that it's like this ...
Same haha