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I'm a 18 year old dude who loves gaming

- I am interested to join a team one day

- Yes I do editing and graphic designing

- Yes, I think I'm quite good

- No I do accept random friend requests

- Yes I am active everyday on steam

- No I do not have good skins

- I preffer PS3

- My favorite drink would probably have to be Kiwi-Orange smoothie or Ice tea

- I am slovenian

- Yes my favorite team is FaZe
- My favorite NA player would have to be ''n0thing'' or ''shroud''
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Blood on right side, neck. Tattoos were slightly visible due to bad quality and lighting. He is dead.
More cheating please
I just love it how Silver elites think they are smart and accuse people of hacking. " HMMMM SUSPICIOSO :///// " . Bro get a grip, they have random PC's and everything, they cant bring anything on sta...
A MUST!: - Peaky blinders - Brooklyn nine-nine - End of the ****ing world - Stranger things - Narcos (all seasons!) - House of Cards - Punisher Movies (M) and series (S) together that I recommend: -...
[+18] tits
natural lmao
SK bad move
atm sk line up is leaving for immortals and the sk lineup will maybe be new tho
If Fnatic wins
Military joining?
You miss 100% shots you don't take. If you think you need a change in your life, do it. Start with the small contract and see if it fits you, if you end up liking it, extend your contract. Me personal...
Netflix and chill
House of cards, an agro-ruthless dominant show. First you see how Kevin spacey is ruthless with zoe barnes and congress and then you get the feeling of same power and dominance and transfer that to be...
I give you 50$
1. Faze 16-8 C9 2. Faze 16-13
Crownd Cheat is Mith!
your logic: headset earpiece and minor soundproff > +3k fans okeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
atched every major since Dreamhack Winter 2014. Never tried to get a drop. Don't use skins. Anyone else watch tournaments because they love CS?
I rate your steam
I rate ur steam!//
okeee cheeriooooo
I rate ur steam!//
my point is that you said nice music so im wondering which part, the suicide boys-ish style or the lana del rey-ish