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Best porn
i watch Paris Hilton blowjob since 2004 to get it off
indeed they just prioritized the show instead of the "perfect environment"
+1 that final was just retarded, 1000x enjoyed more gambit vs immortals with no fat kids ghosting
First e-sport tournament you watched
i think was like dh valencia 2012-2013 or esl pro league 2012-2013, one of the first csgo events and i can remember when people went crazy about csgo having a better viewership than cs1.6 peaking a 25...
Torqued vs Vega Squadron
sry for torqued but i dont think they are gonna get more than 6 rounds in the whole bo3
Mouse help!!!
i dont feel bad knowing is amazon
Why Italy is no longer a world superpower "The economic recession went on into the mid-1980s until a set of reforms led to the independence of the Bank of Italy[48] and a big reduction of the in...
Mouse help!!!
best actually order on amazon and try in game, just holding a mouse wont give you the right idea of how it feels when playing
Mouse help!!!
yeah for me and many other people zowie has the best shapes, sensor and clicks are just alright, but shape its merely personal preference so maybe buy a couple of mice on amazon and see what suits you...
Optic EX6TENZ?
ex6 doesnt like to speak english so pretty unlikely, i remember also olof saying something on those line like "i will never play in an international team cos the communication would be shit" yet he jo...
Mouse help!!!
similar to the 1.1, steelseries sensei (the new one),zowie fk1+ or scream one but this last has some build issues and i think is been discounted
do you smoke ?
used to smoke 10+ a day, 2 weeks ago i moved in a studio at the last floor of a condo with 4 levels... not much but it definetely helped me smoke way less when im home now i smoke about 5 a day italia...
# in your language ?
i think it's merely a matter of preference for example id prefer an average/little below average caucasian girl than a nicer black girl
Series on netflix??
Lost,Orange is the new black,Better call Saul,13 Reasons why,Siblings,Fresh Meat (last 2 are uk comedy series, some of my favourite comedies are uk like: The IT crowd,only horses and fools etc but i d...