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I rate rap from your country
MP5 Spraypattern
i just red its only in beta, so i guess is fine, actually good idea that people can use it offline but it needs some tweak it should be "burstable" and but not able to get easy 3shot in 1pixel like a...
MP5 vs MP7 stats
pull out time is definetely longer on the mp5 and i dont understand why they added that goofy ass tf2 like pull out animation that can change
MP5 Spraypattern
its a better m4a1-s wow valve you really know how fix guns and balancing Kappa
ECL Faceit
honestly i think there are less people overall on ecl so its harder to find games but at least they should be a bit more balanced and banning griefer/toxic people faster
ECL Faceit
it was created few weeks ago
Best antivirus?
Bravo Italia
This is why you cant trust that man, if in a way im fine with controlling the borders and limiting immigration i think were gonna make huge steps back in regard of human rights and equality i just hop...
will u ever remember them ((
they are all good but the problem is when you get that good and you have a particular individual playstyle that you use over and over to win tournaments people eventually are gonna catch up also they...
basically any type of dog can unreasonably get aggressive, especially if they dont get trained alot in my family we had alot of mix breeded, a german shepherd and 2 doberman all of them gave some mino...
why are they even talking about Denmark?? like anyone from us would care xD
it was a flood and the structure wasnt adequately maintained so STOP SCREAMING TERRORIST TERRORIST the whole ISIS is a joke anyway, nothing to do with religion
No way to win in Tinder
there are defintely more possibilities to hook up irl if u dont its cos you dont have the confidence so tinder wouldnt be your thing anyway
faceit solo advices
In faceit YOU HAVE TO PAY to get balanced games, doesnt matter the service youll always have better games my last 5-6 games on my smurf just confirm how shit the free service is: you get matched again...
[18+] R8 PUSSY
ur dad xD??