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Europe army
+1 and if theyre not gonna change it with the next votes i hope we a fracture of the countries because it would be better see a rescession all over Europe than live under the tiranny of the eu that is...
r8 my life
30 minutes for shower ? 1hour and a half for dinner?? fuck you got time to waste
5 dangerous cities in your country
North more immigrants criminality and south more local gangs(usually are teenagers now that will mug you), for tourist ,centre to north is safer in general (just dont stray far from the centres, same ...
GIRL [+18]
you just need to tell her the guy is seeing another girl so she will make out with you 2+2 is 4 quick maff m8
cs is too easy
if its so easy why are showing off in mm the worst,most embarassing,most irrelevant service ever? i mean i sporadically play mm when i pisst or just want to play randomly (music on force,force every r...
ahahah got mugged in Rome or Naples u little star?
Worst pro baiter of all time
dunno but worst bait is zeus
NO-NUT DAY 4 help me
cut your ballz and u wont need to fap nor dunk... ah you may die too thats a side effect aka human evolution
semmler is just annoying after a while and anders gets boring very easily too same with sadokist, HenryG is good with moses tho
ddk and james best duo /close
OMG soldier is complete trash in this meta, the game now is broken with stupid heroes like bridgette and doom, wish they could roll back to the first seasons when ana was introduced with the only chan...
OW failed Semmler back to cs
he is better than scream worse than apex and 10x better than junk like smithzz but honestly even xms or sixer would be better than smithzz...
-burger +bike
faceit scummy
goddamit billy if u had them 3 months of faceit youd've made it to katowice with the big boys... guess its for the next major billy srsly who gives half a fuck about ur account buy an old one or borro...