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Gianlugi Buffon retired
Buffon good but not best Zoff best.
Win 7 vs Win 8 vs Win 10
Win 7 best for csgo more stable,more fps especially if playing on build with a cpu released prior 2015/2016
Csgo need changes
-change the map pool from 7 to 6maps and rotate 3maps every 6months trying to include every time at least 1 new map(including an adaptation of tuscan) -add a service to play mm with ac and 128, this ...
NiP never had an era
most of the top players were already playing and had some years of experience at their back, still now most of the csgo pro scene come from 1.6/source(even if not pro in past iterations), so not reall...
eu communication
the communication its not always the problem if you know how to play you can simply react off what happens, watch fpl, most of them speak a poor to little english and yet can team play better than a n...
boobs >>>> ass
vegana > everything, vegana is much important vegana is love vegana is life
edward flamie
+flamie -zeus zeus is completely useless now both as igl and player
Ninja in Lan
Fortnite the big title ready to takeover the esport scene OMELUL this should be called e-jokes or e-circus
at least they refreshed the map pool also cbble was bad af but id have much preferred to the new see subzero instead of d2
better that than world cup quali exit against sweden with the difference that at least juve wouldve a fair chance going forward
as an unbaised football fan(still neutrally cheering for italian teams) i think the penalty was deserved the defender shoved the other guy back notably no excuses for that
Most Difficult Languages To Learn In The World
Italian, Spanish and French speakers come here old ones
Esea > Faceit
esea is crap, people playing just for stats its unbelievably retarded... faceit is not perfect as there wont ever be a perfect pug service, but atleast you get alot of good games obviously you have to...
CS is dying because...................
+1 and they need to change the map pool, do like LoL or dota make a 6 maps map pool and change 3 every 6months imo now remove cbble,nuke and mirage, add subzero,d2 and another new map