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Renegades vs B.O.O.T-d[S]
VG.Flash vs SCARZ Absolute
Round over - Winner: T (2-0) - Enemy eliminated takej killed Freeman with ak47 takej killed zhokiNg with ak47 (headshot) takej planted the bomb (1on2) Freeman killed barce with deagle takej killed LOV...
Sprout vs Tricked
maybe not throw . bot sycrone always make team like 4v5
Heroic vs Luminosity
they play that match with no tac and just through smoke for dead everytime when smoke front of them
Heroic vs Luminosity
2v2 acilion keep bombsite and could give es3tag cover but he jump for dead with bomb, ofc he fire on this round but play awful last
Luminosity vs G2
shox back to 2015 boiz
North vs Heroic
WTF that aizy pistol .. aimbot + wallhack Pogchamp
North vs Heroic
Head to head 4-9 and 1-6 in one month 2018 ... OMEGALUL
North vs Giants
player highlights Alejandro 'ALEX' Masanet 4-21 OMEGALUL
Spirit vs pro100
yesterday when i betted on pro100 they suck 4-16 on nuke and next time im not bet they 16-4 for ravenge .. today i still not bet then i watch HLTV omg they r raping spirit ,, nt
HellRaisers vs AVANGAR
2-0 for HR .. AVANGAR not buy new cheat for new csgo version ..
Vikings vs Forty Six and 2
Round over - Winner: CT (2-3) - Enemy eliminated k1Nky killed WiGGY with deagle k1Nky killed fisher with deagle Gonnak killed vs_terrorize with cz75a Gonnak killed Sidestep with cz75a Sidestep killed ...
forZe vs AVANGAR
AVANGAR need buy new cheat for new csgo version
eUnited vs NRG
in thorw and choke, they really has potentially as good as c9
CyberZen vs MAX
boiz just remenber tb & savage are the famous fking throwers duo in china .. the two dogshits not play for dream but just money