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eUnited vs Luminosity
and they FREE A SITE AGAIN vs forcebuy OMEGA ... how they even in major final ...
eUnited vs Luminosity
WTF is that LG ? brazil braindead ? 5v5 and just 20+ secs left FREE A site for T ? and then lose 5v3 retake OMEGALUL
eUnited vs Luminosity
Round over - Winner: CT (4 - 6) - Enemy eliminated Relyks killed NEKIZ with awp Relyks killed steel with awp steel killed dapr with ak47 dapr killed yeL with awp yeL killed moose with ak47 steel ...
Absolute vs Storm Rider
Janpanese always win 1st map then lose 2nd & 3rd map ez bet those days thx japan PS4 player for ez odds OMEGALUL
Team1 vs Windigo Academy
8-2 8-7 8-9 8-16 LUL
Team1 vs Windigo Academy
4v2 after plant and go to hunting then 4v2 - 1v2 OMEGALUL
Team1 vs Windigo Academy
Round over - Winner: CT (4 - 2) - Enemy eliminated rAge + Sergiz killed smike with ak47 (headshot) rAge + Psycho killed starix with ak47 (headshot) rAge killed scoobyxie with deagle Sergiz killed ...
the most toxic csgo team
flusha - always hit the table one more time s1mple - always blame teammates nub one more time coldzera - always bait teammates one more time Espiranto - always disband team one more time rain - always...
HellRaisers vs Heroic
28 rounds HR won but they 4cebuy without any kit .. and BOTFOX still has $400 in his bank but he not even buy a kit LUL OMEGALUL WTF is this shit ...
HellRaisers vs Heroic
keep botfox and kick bondik LUL
Aequus vs Nexus
wtf hltv drunk? aequus 16?
ORDER vs Deceptors
18-15 then order hold B and is a 4v4 for them and same time that keeyto push mid for dead and they TK one more LUL throw HDC so obv LUL
SCARZ Absolute vs Flow
japanese only can play PS4 betted FPS game on japanese OMEGALUL
Singularity vs Spacestation
Player highlight(highest rated in the past 3 months) United StatesGage 'Infinite' Green 5-19 LUL
ORDER vs Legacy
order cant qualifier they will throw again