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Liquid vs mousesports
respect to chrisj make mouz looks so good with 4 new players as IGL in few monthes ...
Liquid vs SK
SK won the knife round and still choose CT .. didnt know how bad the ct side on inf they r ?
Liquid vs SK
SK will say "we played 3 bo1 in one day ... we r tired"
Cloud9 vs mousesports
Astralis vs Heroic
11+5 = 16 just for heroic .. cuz +5 just for heroic .. AS -5 mean AS must win the game 16-5 = 11 > how many rounds HEROIC got...
Astralis vs Heroic
AS -5 mean AS need win with more than 5 rounds .. so as u bet .. as need win at least 16-10 to end the game cuz AS - 5 = Heroic + 5 Heroic got 11 rounds . 11+5=16 .. one side win the game need 16...
Liquid vs mousesports
OMG the fight for the KING of CHOKE 2018 vs Cloud9
taz and neo even pasha is just old ... we cant ask them play like youngman every events .. now ,. cuz snax and byali sucks .. lets them looks no usefully even looks so bad .. vs Cloud9
LUL why 30% guys still believe vp could win .... VP's problem its not taz neo and pasha . just cuz snax and byali look like just 50% even 30% play of before.... the young duo fire power very s...
Renegades vs fnatic
its the time that JW twitter " AU NUMBA WAN "
Liquid vs
no .. i known how u women play on the bed .. so i dont need that
Liquid vs
more like top 10
pro100 vs GoodJob
LUL 2 ez 4 pro100 on nuke
Heroic vs Astralis
LUL how u lose 7-0 to 7-7 .. obv throw
S1mple 1.36 rating
-styko +s1mple mouz ez top3