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2000$ bet on fnatic inferno.
How much money did you win?
Quit gaming 8 months ago.
hhahahahhaahahhahahaha true
Dumb shit you did as a kid
That s no raping bro, so you dont have to feel ashamed
GOT Ending
Guess who's the moron here...
I fix any PRO team (in top 50, C9 included)
Haha made my day
Talking with girls 2
You are atleast honest, but (almost) everyone was as shy as you at a point in their live, they all went out of their comfort zone and got rejected or win the girl. Well now the scenario: she rejects y...
Talking with girls 2
Follow youtube channels such as Alpha M, teachingmensfashion etc. And that is a woman excuse, it sounds good so just do it
Are you related to someone famous
Haha he/she ruined you surname
Bullied on gym
Haha use their scolding as fuel, dont give what they want (quitting gym). And when you are in top shape they will be silent
How much sex do ppl in ur country get?
Good reaction 👌
longest no fap?
How can you sex while traveling? Did you use a site or something else?
[18+] Girl help
Yea I like that mindset, just find out if she is your type
[18+] Girl help
Why do you think being a weeb is bad?
Electronic becoming father
No, I dont. I Just think having kids is a big distraction for someone like elec. True fathers go to work everyday, but considering elec's situation his wife has to do litteraly everything, and his age...
Electronic becoming father
Yes true, but at 20 and running a csgo pro career? Elec will be too busy to run a family at the same time, so either they wil divorce (or build a bad relation ship with his family) or elec will underp...