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Iceland is real
Because they have a culture to get married with indians because indian parents force it on them. like i said, if culture is the onlything that people have in common, its a shallow relationship, but ...
Iceland is real
you are overthinking it i think. every culture seems a bit weird to an outside culture. Have you lived in other countries? This lady sounds american? I think what you are trying to say is that people ...
What are you trying to prove. Fix ego plz
valorant community
The reddit guy didnt rek him. He just made excuses for people who join games and dont participate in the teamplay. If there is no communication from a teammate they should get a mic n stop wasting oth...
Bymas is just 16 chill out
Theres no age that determines when you are ready for something. Sure, experience is important, but, sometimes, its not about how much experience you have, its about, how you learn from the experiences...
xl2411 settings AMA
ive had 2 xl2411s and a xl2540, and 2 asus monitors, vg248qe and the mg248qr. I gotta say, the colours on zowie screen im sure we've all heard that fact 2000 times before, sure they are more faded, bu...
all he needs to do is stop playing low sens on 16:10 stretched res, easy flicks, but missing shots right in front of you. thats the curse of low sens 16:10 stretched gameplay
unique mouse movement/aim among pros
its a hard addiction to beat lol, many times ive changed res/sens/aspect ratio 5-6 times while in a game. finally i told myself i cant keep doing that shit, i will keep plateauing if i dont make up my...
unique mouse movement/aim among pros
Lol just find a medium sens? if ur on a zowie mouse i will say sens 2 @ 400 dpi @ 16:9. Simple, effective. Btw, dont change settings, theres a part of you that thinks you can find the ultimate settin...
s1mple device zywoo
how about stop giving a shit who is the best and try to be YOUR best. The level of self worth in these threads is really low, stop looking up to people, just respect their dedication, feel inspired i...
your comment is hoe shit and lacks sensibility and proper context nice
stop inciting political discussions with nonsense though? thanks?