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i mean +device worth it?
He's about to be exposed as a one trick pony and there will be many delusional Danish tears, i'm not laughing...... not lauging at all
gla1ve and zonic's twitter likes
Don't treat your players like shit and they won't come out and slate the ORG, Astralis is a shitty ORG, everyone knows that, apart from Danes who don't know anything remotely worth caring about
Zonic tweet
Astralis the toxic org pushed out their best player, everyone who is not brain bruised knows Astralis the org is disgusting and treats the players like shit, i guess Dev1ce has had enough of it now, h...
pro players you want to look like(no homo)
Why Dev1ce? without photoshop he looks like shit, i mean seriously, https://esports.as.com/2019/04/30/800_-9.jpeg?hash=24d206e3e838e7a752bd7f976724a98504a33bdd I,m sorry but that is not a good look...
PIMP joins Nordavind
Yeah I guess talking bollocks comes easy to the Danish, he’s not even close to being the “worlds most popular” even if you factor in only CsGo streamers I just had a quick look at the most watched CsG...
He is a grown man, he should be above the idiots saying rubbish, but when constructive criticism comes his way he should be man enough to allow it, not ban and block them like some kind of weird dicta...
Get rid of xyp9X now , he is a silver player at best, i never felt so amazing that i am better than a pro player in my life, he should retire and go into gardening
Pimp and his Mods make N Korea look free and entitled to opinions and criticism, you say the slightest negative thing in there and you'll be timed out or banned, same on his YouTube, even if what you ...
Would rather have tinnitus than listen to PimpS voice
Football free money
Like bitching and moaning on Internet forums? Yeah can see you’re truly a productive member of society
Spirit opinion?
Are they the only team with a girl playing on it? She needs to diet but still refreshing to see a girl on a team