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G2 vs OG
i knew nobody will help... but i got no choice and i got nowhere to go i dont know what to do...
G2 vs OG
i had to pay it yesterday but salary delay with 20$ i ll had money for hostel and food while i w8 salary and looking for new home... but tomorrow i ll have no place to stay without money... i dumb bet...
G2 vs OG
this... is crucial guys, can anyone here borrow 20$ for me? i ve lost everything here and now i got no money at all... fck, fck fck fck fck i have to pay my rent tomorrow and i cant do it now... i s...
Invictus vs R-Stars
china cs even funnier and more weirdo than au cs hahahhahaha mens))
SR 1&2 on english or u understand russkiy? :D cause SR 2 (and all their parts) have incredible humor, which is kinda hard to translate from russian
TW Rome II po oshusheniyam polnoe govno posle pervoy chasti, neudobnaya kakaya-to a 1ya chast ohuenna
STRONGHOLD 2, WARHAMMER 40k Dawn of War (Dark Crusade, Soulshtorm, incredibly great super Ultimate mod also), Space Rangers2 are my fav for 14 years already :D and i play them very offfften
best cig brand
Cap Black dark crema and Camel, ofc
Bushido Boyz vs Peeker's Advantage
Vexed vs Phoenix
uk cs
GODSENT vs Spirit
actually nice idea. But big mens will not let that happen, i m pretty sure some not fool but powerful mens are doing this, telling who will lose and who will win, how win, with which comeback not on t...
PACT vs Unicorns of Love
wazzup 12-3 poorlaks? :D
LDLC vs TheDice
actually when u bet vs g2 its pretty good :D also vs Vitality (low), cause if ZywGOD isnt a beast but just good today, then Vita lose
LDLC vs TheDice
2 dumbforses in a row while having 4k every round , just as on nuke what a stupid shit is this, cant u just take 1 full eco and then u v got 13-15, 2 rounds for closing? idiots