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Dark Sided vs Ground Zero
holy shit... your luck is so bad dude... my win rate is around 40-45%
Dark Sided vs Ground Zero
it's normal if you lose an eco but losing 5 vs 2 pistol round is abnormal
Dark Sided vs Ground Zero
tips for newbie: never try to take mid control as a t just rush banana or apartement will get you a better chance winning a round
EnVyUs vs Recca
indonesia is a country, not a city... it seems you guys from sweden eating "micin" too much
EnVyUs vs Recca
recca roseau (baskoro dwi putra) "24 years old" holy shit his face seems older than my uncle
Eclipse vs Flash
idk why china people with iq higher than 90 in china always play dota while people with lower than 90 iq like to play csgo (it seems smartest igl in china only have 90 iq max)
Cloud9 vs FaZe
Allu must be laughing so hard right now
Astralis vs Liquid
i would say he is barely top 10 once he slightly tilted his brain will overheating and his iq will go down
HellRaisers vs Renegades
either you nerve cz or you make tec9 great again... it will be fun to watch 2
HellRaisers vs Renegades
*winner of this match will immediately eleminated in the first round of playoff
Liquid vs mousesports
This is happen if NAF brain cancer suddenly strikes vs Cloud9
map 1 going vp +4,5
Heroic vs TyLoo
train is xccurate and bntet best map back then when they playing with recca
Liquid vs
VP all in! oh wait... this isn't rigged like epiceneter
Natus Vincere vs FaZe
it happens in esl dota tournament it seems they get paid by facebook to promote their page in the end people prefer watching twitch stream casted by someone and esl threatening the streamer to close t...