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portuguese and spanish are useless to top2 and upper. His only option is english and altough he does speak it at a good level, its not good enough to top 2 and upper
18 sorry :(
3.8k 15cm The old penta lineup now probably SK X-plane 11
I guess what football team u support
PS4 Games
i mean its emmersive, i like it
PS4 Games
detroit become human amazing
Pussy magnet
fuck all the haters do you man fuck all the girls, ill try to do the same
Pussy magnet
definetly because youre fucking amazing bruv all these fake saying you arent but actually they have envy of how sexy you are
Best rap from your country
you could have choosen a better song to demonstrate dillaz but ok
Christians come here
you know that most christians are normal people not fucking retards that believe in everything that its written, the bibble on written 300 years after jesus so its normal some things are over dramatic...
Ronaldo no question for me best impact player for me plus he doesnt have a team that works for him like messi
i agree that s1mple is in god mod rn but i feel like him and niko are kinda unstabble, maybe its because im not a fan of them.
what about all that time cold was insane and s1mple was lacking, back then s1mple was also the best or niko even tho they were not in form while cold as soon as he is not in god mod no longer the best...
Why SK doesn't have an "era"
i think it will be much harder to replicate what fnatic did and nip competion this days is much stronger than back then every tier 1 team spends a shit ton a time praticing and theres no more tier1 pr...
Nicest people I've meet on Internet
best probably swedes worst in my experience portuguese and i am one they all think they are fucking gods in the server.