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I guess your height
almost 1.80
I guess your height
18 1.70 1.60 2/3 times a week
I´ll rate you as a hltv user
top 5 shows?
top 5 shows?
not in portugal ignorant fucking country
top 5 shows?
OMG someone that actually watched and liked band of brothers this is amazing
I miss major qualifier
know its not now, learn to use it
We, Europeans should be thankful for USA
i may give in on the supplies part but the fight on two fronts would have started with or without USA
We, Europeans should be thankful for USA
Idiot, before that for a brief moment the germans were winning over british airspace but since they didnt invade the started to pull out then the british started winning again learn
We, Europeans should be thankful for USA
THE LIES. THE LIES they you have been told germany did not take us England because hittler didnt want to he could have destroyed the majority of british army in dunkirk yet he didnt he had the control...
We, Europeans should be thankful for USA
SO what you know about ww2 its from movies ok? then i cannot take you serious because US did NOT win the ww2 RUSSIA did they broke hittler's best troops over at stalingrad so no US did not win ww2 plu...
wrong LE/lvl 4on faceit
Hours played: 374 - Resolution: 1680x1050 - Sensitivity (DPI+Ingame): 800 Dpi, 1.1 Sensitivity - Preferred role(s): main riffler - Favourite angle to PEEK: the small gap on triple to watch connector ...
cs.money problem?
try to use the support system
ELEAGUE Premier Preview
have you taken in consideration the fact that liquid's coach zews its not behind them? i mean they seem a very fragile and emotional team so id mibr get a edge i see that game easily going to mibr 2-0...