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Top awp players atm
we just gonna sit here and forget about nifty lets be honest also if stewie2k played as dedicated awper he'd be one of the best awpers in the game
Fortnite esports ready ?
pretty sure its the biggest game right now, but if its a qualitative response you want then that would purely just be that it has quite clearly done everything better than every other game out there t...
Fortnite esports ready ?
it clearly is the best game ever made. i agree though ninja isnt the best player, though hes certainly very damn good.
[+18] hottest model/pornstar?
janice griffith hands down
i agree, shes pretty terrible
NaVi best lineup?
what brilliant reasoning... if you're not intelligent enough to understand how completely different esports is now to back in the day then you're not intelligent enough to converse with.
NaVi best lineup?
so you're telling me that roster would beat today's roster? haha. the fact that starix was good enough to play on that team says it all mate...
NaVi best lineup?
correct you're delusional. there is a massive skill gap between the current navi lineup and what they used to have. thats like saying that NIP was better because they had Fiffy instead of draken
NaVi best lineup?
what a delusional statement. those players were good when the competition was a lot less stiff... there is so much more comp now and s1mple is still head and shoulders above the rest
NaVi best lineup?
you put s1mple in a game against their 1.6 lineup and see what happens...
S1mple like every other player on every other team will likely have a buyout clause so any team can buy him out of his contract at any point if they have the right money and its mutual
Pros you miss...
either way hes going to get paid an absolute fortune. also a player like him will play 10x better on a team where he HAS to be the hard carry every game than he would if he joined a team of super star...
How to get grills out of your league?
who cares? it'll only get worse for him the longer he waits, if she blows him off and doesnt want to be friends anymore then at least he knows and he can find someone else. plenty more fish in the sea
when they say UK they really just mean England, no1 cares about the rest.