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Team? Are you fucking kidding me? Play MM/DM and try to improve, why the fuck do you want a team? So you can pay 20 reais per month and get raped 16-0 in 3 GC Amateur league games per month?
Australia Gun control
Australia is way safer than USA, that's a fact, but what you retards gotta understand is that GUN CONTROL in an ISLAND like Australia is way more effective than in a country like USA. USA has Mexico ...
KHTEX, destiny and s1 are good But Lul4???? What?
TeamOne vs 2K
espero que percam, caike bot carregado vai aprender que não é tudo isso
TeamOne vs Swole Patrol
caike getting carried once again lul
TeamOne vs Vault
So sickLy, what's the excuse now? Every fucking qualify you come here in HLTV to complain about "muh ping" or "muh potential". There you are now, 10 ping, 300 fps, 144 hz and still got raped, will yo...
W7M vs C4
Also 16-9 vs ISURUS and 16-4 vs Virtue on ESEA league
rate zakk,fer,chelo girlfriend
you just low test af yet, you look at the 14 yo in your class and you think they're soooo hot but they're trash homie https://www.instagram.com/p/BejHimxhV4g/?taken-by=amdcsgo On the left you see a ...
rate zakk,fer,chelo girlfriend
https://www.instagram.com/p/BddsWtUBpKX/?taken-by=amdcsgo you ain't ready for that ass low test BOI, dont worry tho you're 14 you'll get it one day boi
rate zakk,fer,chelo girlfriend
ew go away low test boy trap lover
rate zakk,fer,chelo girlfriend
https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DQZgGMuVoAATj3p.jpg:large https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DSaS9idW0AEAVNN.jpg AMD is THICCCCCCCCCCCCCC
kng's new team
kng's new team
60% because he was sucking and got into an extreme tilt after DMing for 3 hours a day and not being able to getting kills 40% missed family/gf
kng's new team
felps won't join ex-100t, they'll get someone from LG. He will stay in BR with virtue and kNg if they can agree on a cheaper buyout with SK.
"ESPN adds that kNgV- will most likely NOT pick any of the players comprising Virtue's current squad, which features veteran Raphael "cogu" Camargo and 19-year-old talent Francisco "cqntrl" Reis" cog...