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f0rest > NEO - A hurtful truth.
Man I just read the title of the thread and started giggling thinking of all the polish fanboys rage in here. Seriously though, I think this guy is trolling. Polish fanboys are just so easy to prov...
best defensive player
throughout history of CS I would easily say Tentpole. Remember him defending B spot in d2 anyone?
A old video but f*** chinese, what do you think?
Yeh and then do a "FORCE WESTERN VALUES ON UN-DEMOCRATIC COUNTRIES IN SHITTY PARTS OF THE WORLD"? You are the kind of people who give westerners a bad reputation.
A old video but f*** chinese, what do you think?
Please don't reply when you fail to comprehend. I have not watched the video because the great firewall of China won't let me, all I'm saying is that in China, it is more okey to be cruel against anim...
If they think they are the best team, they should not fear to play anyone.
fnatic vs Lions
ive been watching CS for many many years and still I have to agree with this ^^
top 12
Looks about right. Except, Neo is too high.
soccer on sweden
Lol Denmark has high taxes too.
best old school awp
Walle ksharp cogu dsn rwa
SK Gaming vs Lions
Yeh. Too bad moddii is such a passive awper and IGL who sucks at fraging.
Frag eXecutors vs fnatic
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
I need livestream!! Anyone got a working one? (English preferably)
Post where you're from
Ignorant fuck. I've lived in America and I can assure you that America has got as many assholes as any other country as well as the same ratio of intelligent people. Hating America is sooo 2003.
mousesports vs Lions
Or some sound reasoning
rakaka says delpan so its already settled