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LDLC vs Movistar Riders
i dont say that they play good but how Movistar can make such stupid plays !!
LDLC vs Movistar Riders
how bad can be Movistar Riders !!!! they doing open kills and still loosing round like bots !!! how many times they loose 5x3 !!
G2 vs LDLC
Ex6TenZ and SmithZz hahah two bots..... can't kill any one on cover b site, when LDLC pushing with mac-10 :DDD
99,9% of HLTV Is stupid
i think you more stupid that other you even can't count umadboi
First 5-0 in CSGO History
sooooo ??? what paint say that mibr make history or something like that.... all team can take some unknow team play vs team and make history... when mibr win vs some good team 5-0 then they make histo...
First 5-0 in CSGO History
we now speak about pro team not abut me... team who always play in major... and team who never was on major and i dont think they will play .... and you say 5-0 :DDD
First 5-0 in CSGO History
mibr vs some unname bots... and they writing history :DD
How Liquid can become #1
for sure need - BOTTACO i think the best player by nathe !!! vs OpTic
easy top5 vs OpTic
Optic its such a bots... braindead players...
Yes he really wanna win but he not win... he is bot in team :)) ecokiller :D
he paly in euronics now but i dont think he play... they can add bot and its be the saameeee
1xbet scammed me
its 20 not 2 idiot !!!
1xbet scammed me
1. its not 2.5euro its 20 euro 2. its not fair 3. if he win from 2,5 euro = 20, why he can't win from this 20 euro 160 euro ? 4. would like to see what you say when you dont gate your's money
Jordan's Money Crew vs Chaos
the most important round... 11:13 5vs3 they let plant c4 and die all on retake .... they are so stupid... why you let plant the bomb ????? pronax most overrated igl !!!