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I've been following now pro cs go for over 1.5 years. I watch every big cs go tournament and some online matches as well. my mm rank is supreme and i play Faceit where my rank is only silver.My top 4 favorite teams are Fatse.
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Starseries winner
I'd like to know why the major run was a fluke? They have been improving consistently and don't have any world class superstars. That suggest that they will be consistent in the future. Surely if you ...
Starseries winner
Ence has never lost a map to 2nd best team in the world aka Team Liquid they have never lost a match against former 3rd best team Natus vincere. So they should be at least 3rd on the rankings for thei...
Starseries winner
Are you tired after you play a few games of cs go? Hopefully not.
Starseries winner
Do you understand that it is a bad excuse to say that other teams are in "shambles" because Ence are compared to the teams that are in "shambles" and currently they are 3rd compared to the whole field...
superteam from each country
Didn't read so far...
superteam from each country
Pick one - superteam from each country - North America- Naf, Twistzz, Elige Nitro, Autimatic Btw I don't agree with that one like you said. North America isn't a country it's a continent fyi. Educatio...
-sergej +SUNNY
Are you a stjoobid?? Free like a Northi A koria. You aint thinki abouti a that a one. So it's free, becausei u can dooo it. Muahahahhahahahahaaa
Rank teams by firepower Thorin thinks otherwise
Your title doesn't make any sense "ASTRALIS = YOUR THOUGHTS". It means that Astralis are your thoughts.
KennyS Ugliest Pro???
I reckon Zywoo isn't even that guly, he is just fat.
ENCE underserved play-offs
If you get to playoffs abiding the rules, you deserve to be there.
You aren't the smartest one, now are you? Also Zeus is a bad IGL and edward is a bot.