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BIG situation
wasn't an agreement for first 2 games and tbh they would've qualified anyway
BIG solution
iq below 15 starix was igling then 2 weeks later the coaching rule 'He was formerly the coach of Natus Vincere, and previously the in-g...
BIG solution
Starix was still their IGL at the time of the kicking typical newfag
BIG solution
they never kicked their igl lol
Idea for new Major Group System
bro fuck it bo3 gsl would be fine sure some majors might have a group of death but who the fuck cares also why the fuck is the a whole day off for playoffs? could've easily done gsl bo3 from sun-Thurs...
Olof and JW
he told olof to drop him awp now he hates him that's why he wanted to drop JW for rain before ecs s1 finals nah but really they're friends but not like best friends like olof-dennis jw-flusha etc
Same matchup again????
gambit are favs
Swiss format
yeah that's why I said C9/mouz r4 cuz they can't face them and that's a good thing major qualifier team plays legend team that's how seeds are supposed to work
Swiss format
flipside was always playing low matches which means easier opponents wish they played C9/Mouz instead in r4 tho
NA 0 legends again
that's been the usual for most majors
if g2 vs fnatic...
fnatic has been pretty unlucky so this will prob happen
Worst major?
lol old major GSL system they go 2-0 without playing a bo3 too so every major has sucked, w8 nvm every tournament has basically sucked last tournament which used like bo3s for groups was like starladd...
Bad Major
Swiss system sucks why not do a bo3 GSL since the tournament is a week long or yeah sure maybe 5 bo3s a day is too much (4 day groups) so start the tournament on Saturday now 4 bo3s a day for groups e...
fnatic fix...
yeah get pronax in there the average IGL who is overrated af that will help a lot!
they are awake they just suck nowdays can't rely on skill if other teams are more skilled than you