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Liquid vs G2
hopefully gonna be a good match
FalleN and Fer decision
fox return lol
Sadokist worst caster at LAN events
i miss anders semmler and moses like in 2015 majors
Elige robbed MVP
because without zywoo vitality not even go to cologne
s1mple not TOP 1 2019
easy zywoo
0/8 for u meant before? u think elige, nitr0, naf, twistz and stewie started playing in 2018? lol before that they all got like 1-2 good events a year now theyre somehow good obvious cheats.
explain then? how players go from being on top 8-12 teams barely hitting double digits most of the year in games to becoming the best team in the world??? (Weak top 1 rn but still)
actually kinda like him interesting if he can keep playing like this consistently even tho its not even his role
obvious cheaters all of liquid playing forever but only recently they get good super obvious toggle how elige go from dogshit wannabe polish to good player?
FAZE actual disband???
correct, they haven't been willing to splash cash on csgo after he left. all they care about now is signing streamers since they're easiest to profit from
NAVI inferno t side
Zeus should do us all a favor and retire now
brollan is braindead lmao
FaZe fix
-neo +karrigan
BIG situation
wasn't an agreement for first 2 games and tbh they would've qualified anyway
BIG solution
iq below 15 starix was igling then 2 weeks later the coaching rule 'He was formerly the coach of Natus Vincere, and previously the in-g...