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worst ingame names
I Rate your City
Thale (Harz), Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
ESL ONE Cologne?
u will get refund
why are germans so bad at cs
i still think we live a pretty good life here. compared to the us for example we have free schools/universities. we have atleast 25 free days per year at our jobs. and we arent overworked like people ...
why are germans so bad at cs
dunno. it works for the country doesnt it ^^
why are germans so bad at cs
well yeah. in some teams you will have some players who are hardworking and do their best to get the most out of the team but these players dont make it. they will be in some decent teams but when you...
why are germans so bad at cs
the german mentality is just the worst. even tho there are tons of teams in the semi profesionell level no one is getting through because they split up after 4 weeks. everyone wants to be the star and...
EU PUGs call outs
People are always the same you are to them. In my experience you can talk with like 90% LVL10s so. Just try it. What other options are there anyway.
EU PUGs call outs
Halftime, Knife Round, Warmup, Timeout, Dead Chat, Buytime...
EU PUGs call outs
Cause here every Language has own Calls. Just write them how they call it or say how u want them to call it and there are no problems
they are like youtube. teasing everyone with big wild titles like "a bear has eaten a man alife!!!" but in there is that it was a koala bear toying with a toy or something like that. its just bad jour...
forZe vs GODSENT
he doesnt need to as long as they get where they want. show me a single important match where pronax topfragged in fnatic back in the days. and he won 3 majors like that Edit: found one xd https://www...
forZe vs GODSENT
yeah sure, they have literally 4 players who play/played the hard support role and still find success. they are a very structured team who are just working their asses off. so i have to aggree to peka...