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Jonthan E. come here
♿♿♿♿ there you go
you would easily find some british guys there. hopefully you have good weather cause chilling near the rhine river with a beer and something to eat is actually sick
oh shit u mean next week?oh shit i legit thought you meant the days before cologne
wait so u dont even go to esl itself?
why sucks lol? its open all day on thursday
wednesday till 23 and thursday all day
If you are there before friday you can go to meltdown its a bar in deutz and they stream the game there. you can go on a tower and overview the whole city (dont know the name tho) , its near the deutz...
i literally just googled germany vs czech republic and after nothing came i added football, handball, basketball and volleyball...who the god damn hell cares for ice hocked
if you want to watch something else i can only say that salvation is one of my favourite series on netflix, but there is only 1 season (atleast in germany)
UPDATED country tier list (official)
pretty interesting that you difference italy but not usa, china, russia etc
country mascot food?
probably bread (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_cuisine#Bread)
why your own country is good ?
cities like recklinghausen or gelsenkirchen are way worse than berlin
Windigo vs NoChance
nope they will play with thomas source: https://twitter.com/NoChanceGG/status/1118072335104397312
What to do in Berlin
Imo u shouldnt try it. Unless your 15. Its one of some clubs you can enter with 14 or 15. So there will be loads of them
What to do in Berlin
there is a lot more bro like the kdw (really recommend to go in there), checkpoint charlie and way more. maybe get this https://www.amazon.de/Travel-Handbook-Berlin-Potsdam-Handbooks/dp/3829768273/ref...