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Fear of Death ?
if our theories on the universe are accurate, it has existed for billions of years, you did no exist for billions of existence, so it will pretty be much the same after you die...
Fear of Death ?
"eternal darkness is frightening af." how can it be frightening if just like you said, its eternal darkness, meaning you cease to exist, will never feel anything anymore...
no ! life is brutal
Learning how to code
learn mathematics/logic God's programming language ! after that any (most) programming languages will be easy
I solve the World Peace
you want world peace ? just delete humans... there will never be any peace while humans exist... too dumb and selfish for that !
Visa issues
its just amazing how these countries allow hundreds of isis sleeping cells to enter their territory but deny entry for known pro players xD
bc2 bf3
RTX 2060 or wait for AMD Navi GPUs?
Wait for VTX7060 with GDDR9 ez constant 1000fps
Ukraine what
i think its more because poroshenko was so bad that they prefered to vote for the other...
F1 or Nascar?
Rally >
War with Iran
"If my retarded country goes to war with Iran for Israel there will be a draft which I plan on avoiding" actually the correct sentence is : WHEN my country goes to war with Iran for Israel there will ...
zombie apocalypse
if you think you would survive this kind of event... you probably watched the walking dead too much...
san francisco = tech city = many indians = more poop on the street !
do you waste food?
i give the leftovers to my dogs (if its not spicy/dangerous to them)
"Soviets were starving"
+1 same story my parents told me (about food/stores/etc)