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Legalizing Weed
if alcohol is legal, i see no reason why weed shouldnt be...
Vitality roster
or replace RPK by Kio
Vitality roster
Zywoo KennyS Shox NBK RPK
shox destroyed vitality
no alex and apex did... they shouldve kicked alex and apex instead of nbk... alex is a tier 2 player apex is a washed tier 1 player you cant win with 2 players as bad as these 2...
FaZe vs Vita
baitzera has been practicing his bait skills for 1 week now he will be on point ( at least from the baiting perspective)
Do you believe in afterlife?
my logic tells we will get back to the same state as before we were born... nothingness...but i dont think we should be afraid of it... we were already gifted the chance to experience life, being aliv...
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Download and Upload speed?
The height of you and your parents
170 me 168 father 160 mom
Future tech
AI will obviously at some point consider humanity as a threat... humans are unstable, let emotions (mostly bad emotions, selfishness, madness, jealousy, etc) drive their decisions which creates catast...
kill : no one... i dont want the fbi to visit me coz of death threats marry : no one.... i dont want to be accused of sexual harassment... kiss : no one, i dont want to be accused of sexual harassment...
used to drink back when i was 17 to 21 but i dont drink now, i never liked it....its stupid to make yourself sick for such unpleasant effects... weed is way better !
Future tech
cant wait until AI + robots start kicking our asses, make humanity disappear, then self destruct after it has concluded that there is no more threat to life on earth so that nature can take back what ...
No Nut November Checkup
no nut what ? i arent know this ....
What to do when i hear my parents clapping at night?
yeah but better : you propose to him that each of you take one hole, but you let him decide which hole he takes, its still his wife you know.... he must have some advantages...