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TYLOO vs Tainted Minds
ofnu killed Mo with m4a1 (headshot) BibleThump
SCARZ Absolute vs Renegades
SCARZ Absolute vs Renegades
As sad as it is for me to admit it... of course.
VG.Flash vs SCARZ Absolute
Seems like VG is only good in rigged Chinese tournaments. No mafia at UK LAN :D
CyberZen vs EHOME
CyberZen vs EHOME
Love the chinese chat, "Viva = Leo"
CyberZen vs EHOME
Round over - Winner: CT (8-13) - Enemy eliminated Marek killed Monster with awp Marek killed HZ with awp Marek killed Savage with awp HZ killed Insane with ak47 Marek killed tb with awp Insane killed ...
panorama killed csgo
if you keep on lying on my thread im going to have to report you. unluckily for you i have it good with the admins and actually own stock in the hltv brand.. im what you would call an investor. someth...
SCARZ Absolute vs GOSU
lets go SZ! its your/our chance! #WeNeverGiveUP #SZtoDH
SCARZ Absolute vs MVP PK
XigN killed Laz with cz75a (headshot) XigN killed poem with cz75a (headshot) XigN killed takej with cz75a (headshot) XigN killed crow with cz75a (headshot) Round over - Winner: T (10-1) - Target bombe...
Worst pro ingame name
5POWER vs VG.Flash
Someone's gotta save Freeman from this scene.
CyberZen vs EHOME
ez for expro
AWP takes NO skill
Gave me a chuckle, n1
AWP takes NO skill
So tired of telescope gunning idiots who can only hold angles saying that they deserve their rank. No honey, you get carried by a weapon. get this D0cC kid out of FPL he can only awp and get kills aga...