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pc worth it?
Because those parts haven't been for sale after 2015 so how can it not be anything else than a 5 year old used pc. How is this so hard to understand? And I know that it's locked because I actually kno...
pc worth it?
What the hell is even your point. Why would he be getting scammed when hes getting an average deal on an old PC... You do realize that 200$ for that PC is not a special deal and can be found basically...
pc worth it?
That PC is obviously used as all the parts are from 2013-2014, and that CPU most definitely isn't worth 200$ dollars in 2019. Its a locked 5-year old locked 4 core CPU thats around 25-30 dollars on th...
i Rate your PC
i Rate your PC
R5 1600 GTX 1060 16GB RAM 3200mhz 240gb SSD 32gb SSD 1tb HDD
Evil Geniuses vs G2
This match just goes to show how bad ENCE actually was this tournament.
Zen2 owners come here
Because its more worth to keep the Precision boost working rather than have a marginally higher allcore clock.
Zen2 owners come here
Leave CPU @stock, enable XMP. Maybe do PBO if you feel like it.
NEW PC - pc experts come
-Dead platform in LGA 1151 -8GB RAM -1660 is not a good value GPU -PSU can be cheaper -Buying windows is unnecessary, either go unactivated or buy a key online for basically nothing All in all, a pre...
Germany is turning into Mordor
What res are you using?
R5 1600
What res are you using?
its good tho
What res are you using?
your towns population
100T is back, FNX is back
Well the Optic squad just signed a deal with an org so we'll see. But even if 100T sign brazilians theres no way kNg is getting in. He was the single reason why the previous team didn't play a single...