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Imagine copying the settings of an onliner
I guess your CSGO rank
Sens + DPI: 1.90 400dpi Platform (faceit/mm/ESEA): FACEIT Favorite pro player: autimatic / brehze Hours on CSGO: 6k hours guess my FACEIT rank too while you're at it
BIG onliners
It's experience but even some experienced players are better online than they are on LAN. Yes, Gen.G do have plenty of LAN experience but we also have to keep in mind that they're playing in NA right ...
online/LAN delusion
Come on mate use your brain. We've seen XANTARES on LAN already and we can all say that he can't keep up with the best of the best on LAN. Online he's carrying BIG along with syrsoN but on LAN he won'...
BO5 map advantage is doesn't make any sense, prove me wrong.
What's this about? Is it because Gen.G got absolutely sharted on? Even in a BO3 or a BO5 without a map advantage, EG would've fked them 2-0 or 3-0 nonetheless
BIG onliners
And its gonna be even funnier when we see teams like fnatic, liquid, faze and mousesports come out on top because they're LAN teams
BIG onliners
Gen.G are also extremely online and will get fked on LAN. Same counts for FURIA and complexity. Not sure you why you say it like that though, are you assuming that I'm a Gen.G fan? Because fuck no.
BIG onliners
Fluke online teams, we both know none of those teams would even make it out of groups in a tier1 LAN tournament
BIG onliners
I don't see any top20 teams in that tournament tho.
BIG onliners
Can you name the lans BIG won?
Lekker bezig lieve schat
As if kneeling is gonna fix anything. Good on Max and Leclerc, everyone should react the way they want to all of this, I would never kneel to this either, the BLM community are racist themselves, they...