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Astralis vs G2
Hello :)
SK vs Bee's Money Crew
hey now - he spelled "are" correctly.
worst logo?
Astralis undeserved
please disregard him, i think he had a stroke while typing that, 4th time reading and i still dont understand any of it..
FaZe roster changes
true, forgot about it :( but tbh dennis joining was a real roster change, skytten wasnt good enough meanwhile aizy and jkaem were added because dennis and scream left
FaZe roster changes
-aizy -jkaem +dennis +scream
I see this as a 3-1 for faze or 3-2 for astralis, depends on who wins inferno. If astralis loses all the crucial rounds like they did so far it's over already though..
Zelda WTF
gotta love those shiny graphics that look like what ps offered back in 2005 and those silky smooth 20 fps amirite?
Zelda WTF
Key word there is arguably. Gameplay is a let down, because it's a shooter on a console, those 2 don't add up, but the scenery, graphics and the story totally make up for it. The only game that made m...
Zelda WTF
I liked black flag to be fair, but unity broke my heart.
Zelda WTF
But do you think they got more profit in the end? People also have to buy games for the console, and people buy more games for ps and xbox, because they beat nintendo in both quantity and quality. Peo...
NA Shuffle
Sadly there's no statistic for contribution (rounds with contribution is bs dont bring that up). He may get a decent amount of frags but he doesnt help the team, c9 has been shit ever since winning es...
Zelda WTF
I can compare a wii to a ps4, cant i? Both stationary consoles. And about the no one targeting the market... Portable consoles have been around since forever. Gameboy days were the golden age for nint...