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anime haters come here
its all about the fact that anime fans on the public are fuckin retarded and they always push the most autistic animes to the publicity and then wonder why everyone hates anime and its fans
you should be able to get sony a6000 with your 500 aswell. is def nice
cs go is unplayable (cheaters)
ye ive had 1 cheater in like last 50 games and the only one was some autistic german cheat provider man with aimbot ay. people dont feel like they are bad if they can blame someone for their shittynes
Anime SUCKS!
whatever you like man. i stated why its a shite show and why i dont really enjoy it :)
Anime SUCKS!
its not creative its very normal overused base script with very autistic plot twists. i mean its not the worst but its not even close to being average show
Anime SUCKS!
well i mean if you like normal walking dead level trash then yes but otherwise no. think critically and get to like actually good shows
Anime SUCKS!
??? anime didnt even started ? you mean finished ???? and no it is not :)
Anime SUCKS!
never put aot over anything pls its not that good
18+ Depression
probably smaller amounnt of free hacks available for that game, and yes has alot of fuckin hackers but its still not like they come to your game every other game
18+ Depression
people whinin about hackers just cant stand the fact someone is better , yes there is hackers in this autistic game but its not like its every other game
Spring's anime 2018
if gto is funniest just watch golden boy easily better with same kind of ecchi humor
TOP 5 Movies
ye thats kinda all it is, not like i hated it but still such an overpraised piece
TOP 5 Movies
TOP 5 Movies
fight club most overrated decent movie
TOP 5 Movies
none of those are movies :9