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ViCi vs Beyond
Losing the whole match because retard buys an awp when he can't shoot with it
Chaos vs Triumph
nah just because 6000 dollars difference isnt enough for triumph to actually tryhard for example watch some 1st half rounds, they were losing so many rounds cuz they didnt want to win
Chaos vs Triumph
another blacklisted na trash i guess shame on these retards not even trying to win just throwing every 5v2 3v1 they have
Chaos vs Triumph
how can people watch na cs i will never understand i cant watch more than 10 rounds because every of them is a dumb clutch or 4v2 5v3
Chaos vs Triumph
last h2h was so unlucky for triumph and still managed to lose with the minimum gap a little bit luck for them and they got this without any problem (2-0 possible)
Tikitakan vs Winstrike
im sure they would end this 16-6 if i didnt bet but i bet and its a fucking 16-14 heart attack match
Tikitakan vs Winstrike
ive seen enough by my luck but not choke from 15-6 xDDD
Tikitakan vs Winstrike
they play with 33 yo manager, so any stack with 3000 elo can beat them
forZe vs
was about to cashout my sg bet at 10-10, but luckly did not
sAw vs
rufire shitted on portugal bots lol
sAw vs
he is not cheating he just shows how many talented players cis have
sAw vs
shouldve been 2-0 sg to be fair
Divine Vendetta vs Beyond
juicy odds on dv, ty
Illuminar vs Wizards
palm1 is so scared after caught cheating xDDD now we can see how shit he is without cheats
sAw vs
who doenst believe? all comments after all matches saying its a matchfix