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ex-Winstrike vs mousesports
winstrike still no org lol, what a joke
Renewal vs Wings Up
#30 boys, i hope i saved someone's money from betting on these doggies
Renewal vs Wings Up
dont get baited guys, odds suddenly went to 3.4 from 1.7 on wings up match is already sold for china mafia and this is gonna be a close 2-1 with renewal winning
Nordavind vs Wisla Krakow
it was obvious wisla will win they just were unlucky at the start
Nordavind vs Wisla Krakow
wisla underdog against bunch of rejects i mean at least hades has a potential to go tier 1 team
ex-Winstrike vs LDLC
esic? whats the chance of this happening without throwing? like 0.0000001%?
ex-Winstrike vs LDLC
ldlc played like they are about to end their career and just playing remaining tournaments
ex-Winstrike vs LDLC
odds are too good for ldlc... keoz and maka can destroy winstrike easily, same goes for el1an so its a pure 50-50
Nemiga vs EXTREMUM
holy fuck extremum, u almost fucked up my high bet anyway ty bntet and grat, most important clutches of the game
Nemiga vs EXTREMUM
im sure 80% of hltv users are better than hitmouse mechanically but extremum are struggling against him xD
Nemiga vs EXTREMUM
no way they win without igl and bew awoer
Budapest Five vs BLINK
2-0ed by blink lmao i remember days when buda was a solid tier 2 roster
Movistar Riders vs Lyngby Vikings
start to play at 8-14 ofc u lose such a hopeless team
Movistar Riders vs Lyngby Vikings
dick riders dont even try look at this t side, 1 by 1, dont check anything, always flashed like retards
Sinners vs Sprout
well, it was obvious they will not be tier 2 without dycha and snatchie, who carried them but tier 3 is guarranted