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cancer :(
good thing is that ure experiencing it now, so if its cancer ure hopefully gonna get treatment sooner, before its too late wish u all the best bro
Vega Squadron vs NiP
PTSD flashbacks intensifies
Gain weight
eat bigger portions and more often. (carbs and fat wont necessarily make u fat, so only eating junk food wont make u fat only because some fatties get fat from that) i shouldnt even give advice im u...
SWE election
not what we are discussing. he said that if what i wrote was the case then the alliance would still have more mandat. thats the logic i was questioning, not whether L&C will in reality work with V
SWE election
how? V, S, MP, L, C > M, SD, KD = left more mandat than right ???
SWE election
i think L and C would rather party up with S than see a M and SD collab to rule
SWE election
not if C and L go to the left, might still be redgreen who wins over M&SD&KD
Would you accept the deal?
well, even if there was a possibility to give someone unlimited amount of money it wouldnt work in practice, would be inflation money would lose its value id like to think id sacrifice myself for oth...
Would you accept the deal?
i meant it as if i sacrifice the rest of my life -10 years, so i can give unlimited amount of money to others (charity), since i wont care about the money for my own sake anyway
Danish teams unlikeable?
me too, but only because i am from sweden
Would you accept the deal?
you mean sacrifice your own life so you can help others?
Would you accept the deal?
because i dont really need money to be happy. and the offer was unlimited money, doesnt say that you will be poor otherwise. you can decline offer and then work till you get rich money gets boring af...
Would you accept the deal?
wouldnt even do it for 40 years
SD in Sweden
because they have been brainwashed to believe immigrants are the only problem to everything thats wrong with our country (which is obviously not the case) yes immigration plays a part of it, but defi...
i watch anime and what???
why dont you just rename urself professianal