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how the heck g2 pick train? i thought they will pick infer/vertigo :/
G2 vs fnatic
yeah, fair enough... and the schedule also kinda fucked up, hope other TO will change this after the break
G2 vs fnatic
astalis more like because of the changes within the team, the others just too inconsistent tbh... and by far, result wise, g2 and astralis (before roster change) are the only consistent team online
G2 vs FaZe
its amaze me how G2 still win and go to roadfinal despite playing like shit (under their standart) :o
Astralis vs FaZe
G2 fans can relate here :)
Vitality vs G2
G2 with another horrible 4v2 and 5v3... round 30 after the 2nd kill, amanek should have just fallback, instead he stayed in his position and gave away important kill to vitality... and ofc, instead of...
Vitality vs G2
its horrible to watch, yesterday, at one point, they were so scared to peek the opponent together (4v2 situations) due to a lot of clutch and atvantage situations lose idk if that was online factor, b...
Vitality vs G2
G2 would win easily if they just dont throw their advantage, a lot of 4v2 5v3 round lose on CT side, the same problem happened yesterday against heretics
Astralis vs Vitality
vitality without alex and real igl XD time to move to international team, vitality! save our zywoo from this misery :(
Complexity vs Astralis
still love the way astralis play around the nades :) vs OG
VP's B defense : BAD VP's B offense : BAD the reason they lost Dust2 ~~~
umm G2 what the fuck you did in the first 5 rounds here? really, wtf :/
yeah, its kind of difficult to choose who should replace BnTeT when kaze is unavailable
i would like too, but vici wont sell kaze, release clause would be expensive af...
i do think that tyloo decision to pick up xeta was a bad choice, no impact so far with the awp, should just repickup xccurate tbh better choice even though they will still bad :) or if u want to picku...