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Are you afraid of death?
DH Predictions
Liquid 1 - 2 Furia FaZe 2 - 1 ENCE Faze 2 - 1 Furia
PC Build help
Wait for Ryzen 3000
this mouz roster is done
-woxic +oskar and -chrisj or -frozen +sunny i would keep karrigan.. he is not mad fragger, but if he get some frags, its enough, and he is still one of best IGLs imo.. ropz, sunny, chrisj or frozen, o...
mousesports changes
-woxic, agree with you, he is so fking inconsistent.. he can pull off some huge plays, but he can be also such a bot.. +oskar.. yeah, im from czechia and im fan of him, but i think he was and still ...
HellRaisers vs fnatic
worst T side i've ever seen...
yeah.. i was expecting much more from HR (esp. ange1).. issa, nukkye, oskar, lowel.. they are good players, they can frag.. but they need real IGL.. with good IGL, they can get into top10 easily imo..
HellRaisers vs Heroic
WE HR Pepega Clap NO STRATS Pepega Clap NO BRAIN Pepega Clap U EXPECT US TO WIN? HAHA Pepega Clap
AMD settings.
nt gla1ve
AMD + Nvidia
0 problems.. I have 1600x (will upgrade to ryzen 3000) + gtx 1080..
mousesports vs BIG
-botxic -botj +sunny +oskar
your gpu and how much you paid for it
gtx 1080 for 10500 CZK (408€) in mid 2018
fucked up humanity!
I bet he is not millionaire, so he can't help much, but there are people, who have tons of money, and don't care about anything but filling their bank accounts even more.. Trust me or not, but if i we...
"After next major:", not right now.. I think Astralis era will end soon, they have already choked on Blast Miami..
NiKo sunny oskar gla1ve krimz