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Ryzen 5 problem part2
Check CPU power cables (8pin that connects into motherboard from PSU), if it does not help, try other GPU, borrow some GPU from some friend or buy in shop and return it after (idk how it works in your...
Buying a new PC. EXPERTS HELP
Only 4000 APUs are Zen 2, Zen 3 4000 CPUs will be released this year..
Buying a new PC. EXPERTS HELP
Wait for Ryzen 4000 (Zen 3 CPUs)..
-woxic +GuardiaN
-woxic +oskar Oskar was rly good at fpl lately Yeah, flag and everything checks out, i know
My friend's 9900k can do it in like 2 minutes :)
help with cpu
userbenchmark OMEGALUL, i would ban this website because its so bad..
AMD or Intel
Zen 3 (desktop Ryzen 4000) will just smash everything, just wait for it and get it.
?? wtf?? they need IGL if they kick IGL, i don't think anyone else from fnatic would igl instead of him.
Guardian options
Yesterday I watched guardian stream. I try to explain what I saw: I turned on the stream. There was just an empty chair and some morons he played with talked in slowakian trash language. Then finally ...
14nm > 7nm xddd amd rekt
14nm > 7nm xddd amd rekt facepalm posting says it all - u are just a normie who knows nothing about cpus
14nm > 7nm xddd amd rekt
thats because their 14nm process is mature enough to get to such a high frequencies and also has a better latencies, thats what helps Intel to beat AMD in gaming. However, if u clock both CPUs the sam...
I know 😎
-karrigan -woxic -chrisj +lekr0 +oskar +chrisj