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Fortnite vs CSGO
if you already own the battlepass you can earn 1500 vbucks for completing all the tiers, also you can get 200 vbucks without the battle pass, so you can technically save up to buy the battlepass witho...
Fortnite vs CSGO
"same thing over and over again just 2 make money" the battle pass is free every season if you play the game but I agree with the rest
cs, pro fornite scene doesnt exist unless you are a streamer
Your family roots
50% yugo ( my grandmother is croatian and my grandad was bosniak ) 50% czech ( moravian )
Croatia last european hope
pavard is not french ?
Is csgo really dying
they left for fornite or pubg, even though pubg is dying too its still doing better than cs
does don haci even label himself as a news reporter ? I always thought that he was just a guy with some contacts in pro scene who likes to fuck around on twitter not an actual journalist lol
is Gay genetics`?
its a fetish, like people who like to dress up into skin tight leather suits and step on each others genitalia
France Vs Belgium
belgium ez
Best Lil Rapper?
its shame that lil baby chose such a retarded rap name because his music is actually good
eUnited vs Rogue
eunited on lan lul
dont feel bad for them, they let Chavez rule and watched him run the country to the ground for 14 years and even though it all his fault that the country is in deep shit now they still praise him like...
>were having 2000-3000$ per month this is why they are having 2$ a day now, they elected shitty socialist government because they wanted free shit and now that the oil faucet has closed they are star...
youtube vlogger turned edgy screamo rapper ? no thx
fifa 18 pc dualshock anyone?