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I went to film camp
I've read Sartre
I've read Thomas Pynchon
I've read (((Ayn Rand)))
I've been to Italy
I've been to France
I speak French
I've been to Spain
I've been to South America
I've been to Kenya
I've been to China
I backpacked across Europe
I prefer tea to coffee
I've been to Greece
I love Greek food
I'm a foodie
I'm always on the lookout for a great little place to get breakfast
Sometimes I go to Barnes & Noble and lose track of the time
The black people i've met said I have a lot of flavor
I love my Macbook but I also love my Macbook Pro
Because it has the word 'pro' on it
Short for p r o l a p s e
I drive an ancient Volvo that barely starts
The Matrix and Inception...
...are the first movies in the last ten years...
..that made me really think.
And yeah I paint, no big deal
I think conventional painting rules are stodgy..... and archaic
To bend the spoon you have to realize there is no spoon
Think outside the box: Coexist
Coexist and one more thing
If you don't know the difference between your and you're
and you're and your...
...you're a fucking idiot
Get the fuck off my Facebook wall
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