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I went to film camp
I've read Sartre
I've read Thomas Pynchon
I've read (((Ayn Rand)))
I've been to Italy
I've been to France
I speak French
I've been to Spain
I've been to South America
I've been to Kenya
I've been to China
I backpacked across Europe
I prefer tea to coffee
I've been to Greece
I love Greek food
I'm a foodie
I'm always on the lookout for a great little place to get breakfast
Sometimes I go to Barnes & Noble and lose track of the time
The black people i've met said I have a lot of flavor
I love my Macbook but I also love my Macbook Pro
Because it has the word 'pro' on it
Short for p r o l a p s e
I drive an ancient Volvo that barely starts
The Matrix and Inception...
...are the first movies in the last ten years...
..that made me really think.
And yeah I paint, no big deal
I think conventional painting rules are stodgy..... and archaic
To bend the spoon you have to realize there is no spoon
Think outside the box: Coexist
Coexist and one more thing
If you don't know the difference between your and you're
and you're and your...
...you're a fucking idiot
Get the fuck off my Facebook wall
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TV Shows are overrated
the format itself isnt bad, a good writer can really take advantage with the possibility of expanded narratives and character building but like you said most of the tv is crap used as filler or you h...
mouz NXT vs fnatic Rising
so fnatic could have had svedjehed and bq but they picked kst and prosus ? why lol
mouz NXT vs fnatic Rising
they dont ? I mean I know they started out as mix team but now they have sponsors, co-owners, sell merch and all that, if they are shilling sponsors, their org and getting nothing back that be pretty ...
mouz NXT vs fnatic Rising
lilmix is an org, they'd have to buy him out, its pretty clear fnatic is broke as shit so no way thats happening
NAVI Junior vs BIG Academy
lol should have listened to the german who said there will be cheaters on this team, glaved def on the gear 100% HS player
mouz NXT vs fnatic Rising
"at least four of the five players must be aged between 16 and 20 years old"
Sprout vs Anonymo
denis doesnt want to play in advanced xd
Sprout vs Anonymo
sprout playing with their feet after cologne
Wings Up vs Camel Riders
these CR dudes still play cs ? I thought they moved to val
RL and Thorin BURNING everything *long post rant*
he said he doesnt want to compromise potential LEO investigation by releasing it
Izako Boars vs KHAN
nice oddshift, hohol cheat go brrr
Sprout vs Enterprise
no this guy levi lives in some shithole without stable electricity, not the first time I've seen him subbed, he had a lot of outages when he played in domestic leagues
PACT vs bankaPEPSI
facecrack farming