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perish in a steaming vat of urine
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woxic 35/4
3.21 :oo
Remember NV
literally all they needed to do to make a dominant french team with that iteration was move smithzz to coach and add kenny
my anime list
jojo is t0. it made me gay. part 1 was awful but weirdly watchable because it had the highest meme density. i'd recommend starting with that. show gets better after every part.
FaZe ScreaM
devilwalk, smithzz, taz > scream, niko, s1mple
WTF Switzerland
my guess is that switzerland were neutral and were pretty much impossible to invade profitably. they have an efficient military, heavily armed civilians, many allies, a well-organized government, and ...
Did Flusha Ever Cheat?
It's very possible that he cheated in the past. some of his clips are super fishy. I don't think that he cheated at every event while fnatic was at their prime though. with or without feats, flusha is...
Top5 players RN
yah i've watched some of kenny's games over the last few months and he's generally been insane with not only the awp, but also pistols and rifles (especially the famas). his stats reflect that despite...
flusha and golden is the problem???
tbh this seems like a super likely roster change. jw isnt the biggest fan of picking up the awp every round and fnatic expressed interest in picking up another aggressive player.
4 day workout
I lost the genetic lottery when it comes to aesthetic calves. they're naturally tiny and are very stubborn to grow. I ran cross country, biked, lifted, and played soccer for years and still had chicke...
4 day workout
day 1: triceps, shoulders (start w/: ohp, regular bench, dips) day 2: legs (squat, bike, hams) day 3: back, biceps (pretty much 1 set of 5 heavy deadlift, several high volume sets of pullups, db rows,...
new c9 member
i dont get why stewie doesnt learn calls in portuguese. it's not super difficult to learn for an english speaker and it'd make comms so much smoother for sk.
Recommend me a mouse
logitech gpro
FNS inactive
c9 stewie sk nbk??
uncharacteristically bad performance from sergej - only 1.27 xd
Team Australia vs Team UK
topgun to drop 30