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compLexity vs MIBR
When will polish talent Hansel "BnTet" Ferdinand join Virtus Pro?
What's the best language to learn
Spanish is easier to learn than English and Japanese/Korean are easier to learn than most other Asian languages. All three of those languages are useful in the states, but I'm not sure about Europe.
C9 smooya?
His rifling and flashes are better than most dedicated "support" players in NA.
Pro players 60hz?
Yah i think thats the case for a lot of kazakh players -- bad hardware and horrible ping. The fact that theres so many decent kazakh players is incredible
complexity 11
stan and shahzam were added pretty recently. Honestly g2s not playing good rn, but this col lineup really seems to have good chemistry
navi +hobbit
I'm pretty sure that Edward makes midround calls fairly often. Hobbit does have better aim and in game decision-making tho
Biggest choke ive seen in a long time
optic should've been out of the tournament already tbh they need a lot of work before they'd be able to compete in even EPL.
If the match was a bo3, north would be heavily favored but in a bo1, its always a coinflip with hellraisers.
Bondik and deadbot
I'm fairly certain that rubino wouldnt be an upgrade
Bondik and deadbot
bondik and deadfox are decent. i could see hr signing an ex-envy or ex-flipside player like markeloff or kioshima, though they're not much better than bondik or deadfox.
Ence or Giants?
ence 100% giants roster looks promising, tho.
So ez for ence
USA is modern Rome.
You type like a boomer. I don't know whether it's intentional or not but I love it. Learning a little about statistics, history, economics, and american civics would make your arguments more compellin...
Worst politician from your country.
Having opinions that you agree with doesnt make him any less of a verifiably incompetent, corrupt rapist. He was literally chosen for his race. At the time that he was appointed, he was probably the o...
Virus vs Rush Middle East
i remember seeing empera, jabz, and senpai play in an asian minor. they were legitimately good aimers, some of the best i've seen out of the middle east (outside of issaa and turkey ofc). i would be s...