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perish in a steaming vat of urine
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brokyy AWP > olof AWP ?
"The UN estimates that 600 million people or 55 percent of Indians still defecate outside"
brokyy AWP > olof AWP ?
600 million people in india don't have access to toilets. gdp ppp per capita (real output per person) in the netherlands is 24x that of india's.
Did Epstein kill himself?
i think it's very unlikely that he killed himself, though i wouldn't be surprised if he did.
Stuck at 17 pullups
pretty common way of training pullup volume is like doing a set of 1, then a set of 2, then a set of 3, waiting 10-30 seconds between sets, increasing the number of reps u do per set by 1 each set unt...
8 eggs a day? (gym)
you are fine fam. eggs are great. you're not an old man, you're not gonna get cardiac arrest. maybe cut down when you turn 40 lmao.
2 hours sleep gang
it is impossible to be alert for the entirety of a 12+ hour shift. in order to be functional for long shifts, many people consume caffeine, a harmless, inexpensive stimulant. a major benefit of being ...
blameF and obo
ryx and bntet both have decent ratings and hs percentage of like 40%. i think its because they kill ppl in 3-4 bullets on average, have exceptional reaction times, and decent gamesense.
G2 looking for international roster?
their current results are decent, but they're not consistently getting out of group stages outside of t2 LANs despite the core being together for ages. g2 management is pretty patient, but they do hav...
r8 Cities youve been to
cities off top of head seattle 7/10 portland 9/10 tacoma 3/10 sacramento 1/10 NYC 8/10 rest of boston-newark metropolis 6-8/10 pittsburgh - 5/10 vancouver 9/10 honolulu 10/10 DC 7/10
Fluke Tier List
gambit winning the major was improbable, but the core of dosia, adren, mou managed to make it out of groups at majors even before they were signed by gambit. i would argue that gambit winning the majo...
i thought syman might 0-3 too, but CIS teams always have the potential to upset in BO1.
intz was the only team i was certain would 0-3 lol
Major expectations forze are a legit team. i think you will be surprised at how good they are, even if they...
cr4zy team roles?
hunter and espiranto are set up to get multikills, tho espi's a bit inconsistent. otto is awper. nexa is igl. letn1 supports and i think he does some midround calls, i remember he was decent with the ...
University Students Question
stress (stem is dogshit at my school. 6-7 out of 11 weeks per quarter have big exams, to be prepared for that u need to cram nonstop), lack of money, lack of sleep, zero interest in subject matter stu...