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If you retake SATs and get a 650+ on english, you have a decent shot of getting into a <15% admissions rate school assuming that you apply DA. If your extracurriculars are uninteresting or less than p...
faze theory
guardian is playing super well at blast lisbon. faze as a whole is playing like dogshit rn tho.
faze theory
some good public unis in the US weigh test scores more than extracurriculars, especially for in-state students (from anecdotes, i know that university of washington doesnt care much about extracurricu...
-nitr0 +daps
wtf nrg has a ton of firepower. ethan, cerq, and brehze were known for being really strong aimers before joining (ethan was the best player on clg prior to joining, brehze had been a standout player i...
Crabwalk shooting/spraying
crabwalking forces you to slowpeek and if you crabwalk too often people will start adjusting crosshair placement to kill you. its sort of dumb but i dont think it's a very big deal vs Vitality
vp lost 2-0 to a fucking NA premier team. i seriously doubt that they can beat vitality
-Morelz when?
theres so many good players in pl, like reatz, szpero, gruby. morelz is far from the worst player in pl, but its baffling to me why they'd sign him over taz, who's a better player than morelz.
s1mple k/d +12 (1.27)
i think part of it is that nitro and elige played with s1mple and know his preferences better than someone who just watches na'vi demos.
I MISS OLD VP their teamplay was amazing to watch.
Astralis secret
the unit of xyp, dupreeh, and device is the best core in csgo period. they've been in the top 5 since 2013. other cores might have had higher peaks, but none have managed to stay relevant as long as t...
Make most skilled team thread [Corrected]
device has better nade usage, comparable rifles (device was insane on rifles before he was forced to awp), and a better awp. flamie's rifling is crazy good, but he's been inconsistent lately. I'm a fa...
Make most skilled team thread [Corrected]
s1mple device niko stewie magisk seems really fucking good. they could literally do 5 man ak rushes at 40 seconds and win 75% of t gun rounds.
Swag to stand in for Mibr!
i dont think he'll drop a 1.2 rating or whatever but he's definitely still skilled enough to manage a >1 rating against top teams if mibr's preparation is good
Tarik got kicked ?
he played really well during ot on train but he looked pretty uncomfortable during regulation. his positioning was a little off and he missed one or two easy sprays. don't know whats up with tarik but...