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Astralis vs mousesports
esetag has been putting up great numbers on astralis
C9 new team
my guess is alex smooya thomas floppy nitro
Why -supra +Hobbit
maybe he was signed by another team
balancing school and gaming
depends on how rigorous your high school is, what your work ethic is like, and what ur aspirations outside of csgo are. regardless of what you do, cultivate interests outside of video games. If all y...
Favourite era?
BIG era,
Hobbit choices for IGL
of those teams, hobbit is most likely to join vp. james' calling has been ineffective vs top 20 teams for the past few months, even before the online season.
R8 my workout
yeah u can't do explosive pushups with a backpack because the backpack will flop around a lot, but everything else should be good.
R8 my workout
for ez bodyweight exercises make sure to increase reps/wear a backpack with increasingly large amounts of stuff in it every week
My crush, pls no trolls
bruh just ask her to get coffee or lunch or whatever. only way ur relationship with her progresses past platonic friendship is if one of you does something, and she probably isnt going to do anything.
koosta "kenneth" suen
BR teams should play in europe, why NA?
NA is closer to BR and a lot of BR orgs are located in NA/SA. It's hard for NA/SA orgs to communicate with teams that practice in EU because of time zone differences. It's why TSM dropped the Astralis...
Astralis will barely be top 10.
snappi's only on the roster until xyp9x comes back/es3tag joins in july. i don't think jugi or es3tag were bad pickups, jugi has good enough aim to thrive under a good team environment and esetag is v...