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+1 who wants to sit in a crowd of cringe lords in an uncomfortable seat for 6 hours
Legends Progression ELO Calculator
Nice call retard
why esports will never be as big as real sports
Your reasons are all kinda silly in comparison to the biggest one: Esports fans are insufferable morons. The median age is probably 15, but on top of that, even the people my age are fucking weirdos....
1024x768 stretched pros
16:10 stretched is the best because its a little bit zoomed in compared to 16:9 for long range duels, but you dont have 30fov like with 16:12 (4:3) stretched, and close peeks arent as stupidly fast
Has MIBR ever won a bo3 against big
RiP intel
Okay the articles you linked are what you should have mentioned instead of stock price Stock price is not a 100% reflection of how many CPUs they sell or even the revenue from that. You make a good ...
RiP intel
are you high AMD is up like 60% Stock price is also a silly thing to look at in the scenario. Why not simply look at revenue breakdowns?
Most overrated players
yeah its weird because everyone shit on him last fall when he was playing fine and now is hyping him up now when he's still just playing a little better than usual
Most overrated players
I know somehow everyone forgets that rpk could honestly have been considered a top 10 player if envy were more successful and gone to more events for everyone who forgets:
Most overrated players
kscerato only gets talked about because of the mibr thing everyone knows yuurih is the real baller brollan has been pretty mediocre too so dont ever talk about him like he is in the same league as s...
Most overrated players
Maybe he isnt what you would call a superstar but considering his age its appropriate to get hyped up
Most overrated players
he was underrated on fnatic but i think everyone knows hes been garbage on nip
Most overrated players
wtf zywoo not overrated at all anymore
Most overrated players
he wasnt overrated, he just was only good for like 4 months
Most overrated players
rpk was by far the best in 2017 when they were at their worst