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who is Best clutcher csgo ?
I miss when hiko was great
who is Best clutcher csgo ?
xyp9x no doubt
FREE Company of Heroes 2
thanks brother
Rain best player in the world?
Honestly rain is starting to get a similar reputation to fer in overpass A Fer had a better start to the year and his aggression is sort of unmatched by any player, but rain has better pistols and cl...
FaZe vs SK
The ECS season three finals was super close if I remember too Faze definitely has it in them - the stars just havent aligned
FaZe vs SK
Match of the year hopefully The virtus pro SK final was great as well I think we need more best of 5
Me with girlfriend
shes not hot and your room is gross
FaZe 3 world records in 2 tournaments
If they beat every other team at least once, Ill give it to them They won't be the best of the year, but they'll be the best over the last half of the year If faze beats SK in a best of 5 this final...
RESULTS: Dust II Replacement!!
Yeah that would give 8 maps which is an even number, which doesnt work for the reasons I described
RESULTS: Dust II Replacement!!
Yeah I suppose that is true
RESULTS: Dust II Replacement!!
The would fuck up the pick ban system and I think its best that when you play an odd number of maps, you have an odd number of maps to choose from. Otherwise we would get the dice roll map picks which...
RESULTS: Dust II Replacement!!
Lol people voted for mirage, the most fundamentally sound map out there
FaZe vs SK
While I would love for SK to get upset, I don't see it happening Im super excited to see an insane 5 map final between FaZe and SK, that would make my shitty finals week much better
MSL last 5 games
It just doesnt work well for me gifs and albums and such seem to load worse tha on imgur its cool for just linking one thing though you did nothing wrong
MSL last 5 games
ppppppfffffff also pls dont use gyazo