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Domino's Pizza Inc is estimated to report earnings on 10/11/2018. The upcoming earnings date is derived from an algorithm based on a company's historical reporting dates.Our vendor, Zacks Investment R...
Rain wake up
lets be honest that 2017 rain was not the real rain. He was a solid 1.10 player and never should have been more than that However he has been playing even worse than average since they got standins. ...
-Pala +Smix/SirScoots
yeah so much "talent" just sucks stunna, pimp, n0thing, and pala suck, daps gets a free pass on this event because its his first thorin is good but tbh hes better as a features presenter than as som...
-Pala +Smix/SirScoots
you'd think he'd ask more simple questions, especially considering english is almost everyone's second language
Thorins latest
only a 12 year old would be pissed about people making a joke out of 12 year olds in a few years you'll understand
FaZe vs OpTic
At this point it might be better for faze to take the second seed, otherwise they could meet astralis or navi in the quarters and basically fuck themselves
problem with holding angles
Idk why people are so obsessed with developing such specific parts of their game Just play for god sakes Why would you ever need to practice such a specific scenario it just blows my mind
problem with holding angles
be more dynamic why tf u standing still looking at a wall for mroe than 10 sec
Talking w/ girls
Take a sharpie and write your ESEA RWS on your dick Then work yourself up to a halfway chub, and flop it on her shoulder as she is eating lunch It will be sure to get a lively conversation going
I´ll rate you as a hltv user
Ast, TL, Na'Vi, FaZe to playoffs
faze had better not fuck up twice against mous. If rain and guardian can get their heads in the game and they tighten up their communication, there is no way they should lose the same series again
Just abuse any social welfare program you can lay your hands on, and get every tax incentive you possibly can Once you deliberately try to take advantage and fuck over everyone else you feel a lot be...
guardians consistency is very underrated imo, and he still has kennys level big games like at IEM sydney KennyS hits absolutely nuts shots and has a style nobody else can replicate, but guardians per...
Waterproof moue
i need serious answer and it needs to look good because now that my roof is gone everyone can see my peripherals
Can you solve this riddle?
or what if KID is baby goat? Really makes u think