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thorin REKTS tgwri1s and HLTV top 20
the big events brand has kind of faded lately as there are so many events that meet the criteria of having top teams and prize money
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No I literally can disprove it Its not like there is some shroud of secrecy about how everything operates
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He was simply the leader of the british jewish community, and they were the ones to present the formula. Idk why it wouldn't be addressed to him I don't agree with the creation of Isreal, but to clai...
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I'm sorry, a day of losing brain cells is not a fun day anyone who even remotely thinks this is possible doesn't even have the foggiest idea of how these systems operate
Sex on movies
She has had a decent career overall, especially in television She was not on track to be a blockbuster actress so I don't really see how she destroyed anything
Sex on movies
Nonsense She's been quite prolific since
+1 who wants to sit in a crowd of cringe lords in an uncomfortable seat for 6 hours
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Nice call retard
Has MIBR ever won a bo3 against big
RiP intel
Okay the articles you linked are what you should have mentioned instead of stock price Stock price is not a 100% reflection of how many CPUs they sell or even the revenue from that. You make a good ...
RiP intel
are you high AMD is up like 60% Stock price is also a silly thing to look at in the scenario. Why not simply look at revenue breakdowns?