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sounds like you are looking for The Whole Nine Yards
I am very sad :(
so sad that nemiga threw these 2 rounds in OT as terrorists
9-14 -> 16-14
I think last inferno between fnatic and mouz was the same story
they are changing stuff ingame but it was just a shitshow, amount of thrown rounds on train is insane, just felt like they had no teamplay or any synergy, maybe they didn't practice last days
Congratz mouz
Cool story mate, I dont get why u mentioned one of the many finals where liquid got stomped by astralis, just only cuz that time they were able to win 1 map thanks to unexpected veto
Congratz mouz
thats not really a comeback then
Congratz mouz
Astralis also never came back from 0-2 to 3-2
Congratz mouz
I know this is a charity tournament but I think it's the first bo5 loss ever after a 2-0 lead, atleast between notable teams
GODSENT, just leave the server
https://dreamhack.com/masters/ "Ruleset" in the upper panel
GODSENT, just leave the server
its not a mystery, ruleset is posted on dreamhack website
GODSENT, just leave the server
That caster is wrong, its not a wasted map if godsent win now, three teams have 3 points and 1-1 in h2h against each other map difference for them is fnatic -1 (lost 0-2 and won 2-1) spirit +1 (won 2-...
GODSENT, just leave the server
No, round difference is one of the last factors to be used
GODSENT, just leave the server
the factor which would decide is map difference so fnatic is out if godsent wins this game
Top 9 Major fluckes
yeah I understand and I wrote why some teams' showing wasn't "overperformance"
Top 9 Major fluckes
gambit lost their igl so we can't know if they could keep up the good form avangar beat vitality and renegades in playoffs who played average renegades played ence who already kicked aleksib in quarte...