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kennyS GOAT of CS:GO
How can someone who was never on top 5 be considered GOAT? He was never better than everyone else, so he was not the greatest at any moment. You need to at some point be at the top. Even if the player...
F1-racecar-PEEK vs Não Tem Como
I know you're baiting, but yeah, he decided to leave.
astralis no sportsmanship?
You can't state the rule only when it's for Faze advantage. Against C9 they didn't care about the rule and restarted the round anyway.
Nope, the rule is "If no damage has been dealt." And yesterday there was damage dealt. Still, I think it was fair to restart vs C9.
Cloud9 got robbed
But in this case, it'd be easy. "If a player drops and the opponent has been notified before any damage has occurred IN THE DROPPED PLAYER'S TEAM during that round, and THERE WAS NO OBVIOUS ADVANTAGE ...
Cloud9 got robbed
It's not Guardian's fault that the game crashed. It's not his pc, so the organizers also would feel guilty if Faze lost due to their computer's problems. It would be even more unfair if C9 won that ro...
NIP still 4th? Lmao stupid admins
It's the way the system works. The ranks has a 1000 points limit, and when the top team earn more points than 1000, they reduce points from all the other teams. As SK didn't qualify for the event, the...
Cold>NiKo my argument
Solely as a player, yes, Guardian was better than Fallen this year, but if you take into account Fallen's value as IGL, Fallen is more important.
NiKo and fer
Yes, and winning more clutches than Niko in 1x2, 1x3 and 1x4, by baiting his dead teammates.
NiKo and fer
And clutching and awping and pretty much everything else.
18+ perfect body ?
While this is a normal looking pussy, I prefer those a little bit more puffy.
18+ perfect body ?
Porn doesn't count.
NIKO top1 2017
Kids cares more about flashy plays than consistency.
KennyS not in top 5
Well, I'm saying Fallen was overwhelming on 2 out of 9 tournaments. He was really bad on 2 tournaments and good/average on the remaining ones. Of course it's not that impressive, but when people say t...
" csgo is dead "
It's alive an kicking. Everyone is still using it.