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Swedes come here
Did a check online and I think this might be what you are looking for? Did read it a bit quick so I don't know if this explain...
can't report if #1
Top 5 TV series
There are lots of things making Mr.Robot an absolute masterpiece of a series, and is absolutely worth watching.
Forgotten HLTV users
Do the players know their spot in ranking beforehand?
Out of interest, do you also reach out to the players close to the top 20? Like Cold was #21 this year, do you guys also reach out to him or is it only orders on the confirmed on the list? I.E. did E...
hackers come here
Will prevent most, and the very big majority, of MiTM attacks. If you share the house with other people, there are probably bigger risk by leaving your PC on unsupervised. Talking strictly about conn...
hackers come here
Swedes come here
Liseberg and Universeum, pretyt close to each other, and at Universeum, you can kinda just walk around and chill, entry is around $25 IIRC. Since it hasn't been mentioned, the Volvo museum if you are...
HLTV Baiters
Just the usual default of the site. When we don't have threads about flat earth, 0.999... = 1, standing vs sitting when wiping, or some polarized debate of politics, users usually just make bait thre...
Press Ctrl + v and post
hltv explain
If you watch precisely what it says when you try to logged in from an IP that is banned, it says exactly where you can contact them.
Make POTM great again!
Not uncommon that stuff that either is abused or not used the way it was meant to be used when implemented, gets removed. Don't know if it was only the "GTR vega squadron" thing that served as it bei...
pc experts
Clear CMOS and then format you disk directly after on startup Edit: not that I think it's going to matter in any order you do it really but you know
France VS Sweden
This whole tournament has just felt like a throwback to the early days of CSGO. The only thing I feel is missing, is the good old "NiP in semis". But yeah, Sweden vs France at dreamhack in Sweden, fe...
Hltv logic ?
Discussion on HLTV usually boils down to 2 things. 1. The best team. 2. The rest of the shitpile of teams. And all these things are always subjective, so you know, you can always expect a grown-up di...