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brazil deaththreat help admin
Was actually talking about double standards in this very specific case about the PMs from the users. Not double standards in general on this site. Not saying double standards doesn't exist on this fo...
brazil deaththreat help admin
Did you even report the users to any moderator? Can't really call double standards otherwise. Pretty much know for a fact that moderator takes harrasment, death threats or general spam in PM serious. ...
ELO system is Biased
Nice summary of not understand ELO at all.
Not really actually. I thought people would understand that the comment I posted is meant as a joke since it is more than clear that the link doesn't even exist in the first place... But apparently n...
I really hope you are baiting...
"[18+]" missing, reported.
Isn't ozarK same as fitguy/aika? He pretty much always uses some sort of tag.
Astralis won't care
Not only had the link you sent in #44 anything to do with the 'smoke bug', that one is just pure lineup. "so you think a normal person can shot through a smoke making a direct hit to the guy defusing...
smooya sticker
Gaben sends his regards.
Nice edit.
Cobble isn't in the map pool.
smooya banned for a week on FPL
Haven't watch all of the VODs/clips (seen some) but how many times haven't crazy plays worked in FPL? And without discussin all that was said (wasn't probably just a "kys" was it?), seeing in general ...
French major titles were a fluke
Should i go?
Okey, that makes more sense. As long as you are faithful to your gf I don't see why it would be a problem. If you wanna hang with some friends, do so. If you wanna spend time with your gf, do so. In...
Should i go?
What? Why do you ask other girl friends if you should go to a party? Just go and hang out with your friends, what is the problem?