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condom = no sex
The chance of getting HIV from a person that HAS it through vaginal sex is 0.04% - 0.38%. Not saying that you should do that shit, just some cool data
condom = no sex
200 iq
I fix Brasil
When you don't have to deal with corrupt construction companies Thing is, not only the politicians are corrupt, pretty much anyone in a position of power in here is.
SG 553
you want to play anything BUT CS if you like this shit
black AMA
hi how are you doing tonight sir
that's really cute, at least we have toilets you guys are really the bottom of the bottom, in every aspect. Everyone knows that.
Random Fact of the day
I have a better one no one gives a shit
22yo never had gf
nt muhammad
22yo never had gf
bruh we live in Brazil, why would you want a girlfriend just fuck some prostitutes, they are cleaner than these hoes from baladas
Arent short girls unattractive?
This. It is scientifically documented that men prefer shorter women, and women prefer taller men
Ten dollars for a week
Just eat stray dogs fam
We are so deep in shit this fake flag bait isn't even funny anymore
Jordan Peterson lol
Some doctors smoke Imagine the shock
pretty girl in gym help
talk to her, check for signs if her reaction is the same I've had for this thread, go to the gym at a different time
Yea, these guys I was talking about are probably around their 50s. And their kids are the same. My father had a lot of turkish and syrian friends growing up, and they are all pretty much the same comm...